X: 27.09.17

Disclaimer: this is a really weird dream. Leonardo DiCaprio, together with a woman whom I believe is his wife, as well as his parents and 6 other people, were wandering in the woods and stumbled upon this cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Inside this wooden cabin resided a Doctor. The environment was very serene and felt majestic, surrounded by breath-taking greenery, with the cabin overlooking a teal lake. And between the lake and the cabin was a bench (the metal kind that you see in some parks), and a golden statue of a man wearing a high hat sitting on the bench, crossing his legs in a very gentlemanly way.

In his study room, he was slicing meat with much precision and attention. I can’t remember if the Doctor was kind enough to let them stay or whether he was being evil and forced them to stay with him. After living there for a while, they found out about some secrets of the Doctor and were convinced that the only way to acquire those secrets were to kill him, which they did. I am pretty sure Leo was the leader executing this whole plan and it was as if this was some mini-cult.

Leo gathered everyone in the study room where they first witnessed the Doctor slicing meat with precision. He asked everyone to watch him demonstrate how to cut the Doctor’s flesh. No one seemed to be grossed out by that. And somehow, I appeared at that point of the dream. I quickly went over to my makeup pouch to get a pair of forceps and tweezers to pass to Leo but it was as if he couldn’t even see me. Weird.

(This is only going to get MORE weird. ) Next, they stood out of the cabin, facing the lake. Leo took out this spray can which, when sprayed, can turn anything under the Sun into gold. Just like the gold statue that sat on the metal bench, these people wanted to turn into gold statues too, to maybe leave a legacy or something. Leo sprayed the magic gold spray on them. All of them but Leo’s parents ran into the lake together, ankle-deep… knee-deep… and then waist-level. That was when all of them turned into gold. Even Leo’s parents, who sat on the bench. It was as if time had stopped. And they all knew that 99 years later they were supposed to somehow wake up, “un-goldify” and become humans again.

Unfortunately, this did not happen to most of them. 99 years later, only Leo and his wife “un-goldified”. They ran out of the lake and sprayed the magic gold spray on the gold statues that are his parents, and immediately, they came alive again. Happily, the family ran out of the woods. How different the world must be 99 years later.


S: 09.08.17

I was sitting on the floor of my kitchen when I saw a small spider. I hurriedly killed it with my hands. Then, more spiders started appearing, and they were coming in increasingly larger sizes. At one point I gave up because I was so scared and I climbed up on the kitchen table to escape. I shouted for my mum to help me and she was able to exterminate most of them. As I sat on the kitchen table, I felt something in my mouth that was uncomfortable, like something was stuck in my teeth. I pulled out a loose thread in between my teeth. Then I kept pulling out these fine strings from my mouth. It was a quite painful, but a manageable level of pain. After I pulled out quite a number of strings, I rushed to the mirror to check what was happening. I received a horrible shock. The bottom row of teeth was in a terrible state. They were abnormally long and thin – and way too many, maybe 50 teeth in a row??? And they were loose and shaky, maybe even on the brink of falling out, as if the strings that I pulled out were the very things that were keeping them in place. I wanted to cry at the sight. I tried to close my mouth but it was hard to. 

X: 08.08.17

I was probably semi-conscious while dreaming this morning. There was a recurring motif of two black, stationary cats. One of them has a blue satin ribbon/collar around its neck. I was constantly on the move to various locations and kept seeing them and it began to freak me out. At one point I was at some event and I ran into M. Lee, someone whom I’ve always wondered how it’d turn out when we meet again. There were two seemingly dead/ sleeping black cats beside us but I ignored it. I was going to google what do black cats mean in dreams or something but I decided that my priority should be to talk to him. I asked him something along the lines of why did you leave me/ why did you MIA. And he said I wanted to chase after you but V was chasing you. Which totally doesn’t make sense in real life because I haven’t met V then. After that, I didn’t see M again.

Next, I was in a foreign country and it was pretty late at night. The streets were, however, brightened up with streetlights that emitted white fluorescent light. A Chinese girl began chatting with me and we asked each other questions like which province are you from. I don’t know why but we ended up at my apartment which had a Stylenanda kind of pink door. I saw the two black cats again and freaked out so badly.

S: 26.07.17

I ran into a few girls who wanted to go for some organ donation. It was a secret mission. They asked me for help and I agreed. I kept asking questions but they were so secretive about it. I suspected it was because the donation was still illegal in Singapore. We were walking along the streets when I ran into F and her sister E. F was very excited to see me and said hi. She introduced me to this young African boy who E had her arm around. I think he was adopted. I didn’t dare to ask if he was their adopted brother or E’s adopted son. We went along on our way towards some HDB flat shops. We ran into a family having a meal at a zi char shop that they own. The mother told us that they were supposed to close their shop but they secretly kept it running without telling the grandmother. The girls were acting very furtive and climbing up stairs and hiding from other people. They were very paranoid. I ran into S wearing a fancy green gown and holding a baby in her arms. She told me she wanted to go clubbing soon and I was surprised to see her but agreed that we can go another time soon. I noticed the baby in her arms but before I could ask her about it she scurried away upon noticing my scrutinisation. One of the girls told me to follow her up a stairwell but I saw a strange looking old man loitering nearby the stairs and got scared. I refused to follow her up and when she came back down to ask me why I told her I was afraid of the old man. I forced her to tell me about the organ donation they wanted to go for. She said it was some advanced technology procedure that could extract weird body parts like muscle tendons, etc. I was confused but it confirmed my suspicions that it was an illegal practice.

S: 13.07.17

There was a man conducting some Frankenstein-esque experiment. He handed me a clear glass box that was filled with a dark red liquid (not sure if it’s blood) with a blonde man inside. The box was approximately the size of a barbie doll box and the man inside was also doll-sized. The scientist handed me a metal contraption that was supposed to seal the box. He told me to turn the dial inside of the box and seal it shut. It was a timer for 30mins and after that the blonde man inside would come alive. I was a little afraid and actually had somewhere to go first so I told the scientist that I would try it out later. After a while, not sure who, but someone activated the blonde man inside the box and he came alive. No one expected him to be a giant. He was so tall like maybe a few metres in height. He looked really intimidating. However, he was very compliant and was given instructions to help carry out some tasks like fix the walls, carry heavy objects, etc. People were beginning to notice this giant and looked quite afraid and shocked at his presence among us ordinary humans.

S: 28.06.17

pt 1: I was at a cafe, sitting down on the floor in my underwear, having a shower. The whole time, there was a guy nearby on the ground next to the shower area talking to me. He asked me if I was looking to earn money and when I indicated my interest, he pointed to another woman having a meeting in the cafe. He said he earned $200 helping in some experiment the woman was in charge of. While I was shampooing my hair, GG walked in and there was a awkward moment when he saw me so I waved. He left after a while to sit somewhere across the street. I was crossing the street when I needed the toilet so I walked back to the cafe. Climbed some weird ladder to the second floor where I ran into some kids while trying to find a toilet. The toilet door would not lock properly.
pt 2: There was an amazing race going on. I decided to participate even though I was one of the organisers. I forgot the answers to the clues for the locations anyway. In groups, we had to travel through hallways with many different doors.