S: 03.03.18

Was at the driveway porch of a landed property house with my family members, sitting on the ground near a car. Suddenly, mud started raining down from the sky and we all tried to seek shelter. As I was scrambling away from my dad who was sitting across from me, I noticed my brother trying to run out of the gates. I followed suit. Just as I was about to step out, I realised there was an oncoming car headed in the direction of my brother. I could only scream and watch in horror. My brother was frozen in fear but at the last minute he managed to slide down a drain and the car narrowly avoided crashing into him. We all felt so much relieved but I still scolded my brother for not paying attention to traffic.


S: 17.02.18

My brother and I got roped into becoming Grab drivers and we were awaiting people to book their rides. Felt anxious because I haven’t learned how to drive. Subsequently, I was at a very nice library sitting with a few people I barely recognised. Saw my cca president K walking over and he started to insult the person sitting at the table calling him outrightly a “stupid Korean guy”. The both of them launched into a banter that was quite passive aggressive and heated. Suddenly, there was a huge food tent that appeared which caused everyone to crowd around excitedly. I was examining the menu which was in Japanese and realised it was sushi rice with assorted toppings even though I could hardly read the menu. Everyone did not want to order since they were bit cautious so I was the first to order. I pronounced something on the menu but when I saw one of the chefs take out a dead pressed chicken from the fridge, I was disgusted and hurriedly asked if there was anything salmon instead.

S: 13.02.18

Woke up from a nap at a place in public. I was walking past a group of people when I noticed an uncle walking really closely to me. Thought I felt him grab my skirt and started to walk away quickly to shake him off my tail. However, a woman grabbed my arm and informed me that the uncle and her had noticed I stained my skirt. Was embarrassed but also honestly quite relieved that my period had returned. Thanked them for their help and left the building, only to run into my primary school friend S and her other friends.

(Super fuzzy memory but at one point, I wanted to wake up from my dream by screaming like I usually do. However, my brain seemed to sense this and triggered the dream to have someone say something like “scream if you really enjoy this dream”. I was quite freaked out that my screams might backfire but I screamed really loud anyway and managed to wake up.)

X: 18.02.18

It was K’s bday. Her mum brought her to a singpost shop in viva, where Vincent and I ran into them. Her mum hid gifts for her in different parts of the shop, including gifts from her friends I.e. Me. It was quite peculiar that singpost sold stuff like those glass cups for shots.

K broke a few by accident and glass shards shattered across the whole length of the room. Vincent and I were some distance away from them but I noticed glass shards in front of us. Vincent began heading towards them to render assistance but all he was wearing was his black Nike slippers only. Worried that the glass would cut through his flimsy slippers, I shouted out to warn him to be careful.

At this point, K became S.O., me and Stacey’s good friends. Suddenly the whole clique, Stacey, V and S.W. also appeared beside me. Her mum asked us to bring Sarah to walk around. I was damn reluctant because I had class afterwards. Sarah suggested to watch a movie. I suddenly thought it was 2pm already and exclaimed, ” OMG it’s 2 I got class now” and ran off to my class which was in the mall.

I entered the class only to realize it was only 1+pm and it was a class on physics full of unfamiliar faces. But I didn’t go back to find them. I decided to make my way to the library which is super huge and is 5 levels high.

The library had a huge spiral staircase and there were multiple individual tables+ chairs at each level. A pretty cool concept indeed. It was rather packed and I almost couldn’t find a seat.

After that, I went to the toilet. It had a whole wooden interior, 4 cubicles side by side. Only one woman was queuing in front of me. The left most cubicle was empty but no one wanted to go in. I think it was dirty. The right most one was damn weird. There were two tortoises eating faeces or God knows what. The woman in front of me told me to call NEA to bring them back to where they belong. But I couldn’t find the number online..

X: 10.02.18

I dreamt that V’s ex invited him to her party and he wanted to go because his friend Z and G are going. I wasn’t too happy about it, obviously.

Then, I met up with Jamie. She brought me to this gigantic rock wall in a shopping centre, with a lot of people (mainly adults). She was on this subscription plan where she could climb anytime she wishes, for however long she wants. But I wasn’t on the plan. So she said I could climb for a while but need to leave before they find out I was here illegally. J then pointed out, “See, look at the woman there. She already took a picture of you and is investigating now. Quick, let’s climb then go!”

It was a pretty cool concept in the sense that you just wear your harness and start climbing. There isn’t anyone below you to spot you. I didn’t doubt the safety of this activity because everyone seems to be very calm.

We ran into YJ and S (the same YJ in the dream yesterday). He wanted to borrow $25. I didn’t have money so J lent him. I asked if he was buying makeup from this Urban Decay pop up store nearby the rock wall. He replied, “No la, I’m getting something from the Face Shop for her.” When he took the money, he caressed my hand for a while. Haha.

X: 09.02.18

I dreamt that my family would be going ice-skating with our relatives. I needed to borrow long pants that could protect me from the cold, since we are going to be ice-skating. I took quite some time to decide which pants to borrow from my mother, before finally deciding on the maroon one.

Somehow, we ended up in one of the relative’s houses (which I cannot recognise) but it was in Pasir Ris. We sat at a medium-sized round marble table together. My cousin JH asked me about his relationship problems. His girlfriend D has been very detached lately. She doesn’t want to join him in any event that he asked her to partake in together. I tried to help but diagnosing the root of the problem. I was quite happy that he decided to confide in us.

I had to leave early as my good friend YJ was giving math tuition to a group of 4 people including me. The sky was dark and the bus stop was right below the house. I ran downstairs and was supposed to catch bus 99. Luckily, it has not arrived. I watched buses with weird numbers like 999 driving off. I attribute this to typing 99 for my test cases for ps1c, one of my programming homework which I rushed to complete right before I slept.

X: A series of short dreams

I went to some weird castle for OCSP (Overseas Community Service Project)
It was Ken’s birthday and we walked out of a huge dinner and dance function at a hotel ballroom with a bunch of people. He was pulling a luggage along, and I walked side by side with him. He said: “You forgot my birthday. It’s 31st January.”
I dreamt that Mr Mahmood, one of my CSE teachers in JC, became transgender. He had long hair and wore a dark blue dress, and didn’t seem to recognise me throughout our conversation. In reality, he always gave off those gay vibes although he has a wife.
My family and I flew to Hong Kong for a holiday. For some reason, we have an apartment there, which was located on a high level (at least 20 levels). We could see this building under construction right opposite us, with red bricks nicely and neatly stacked, and construction workers walking about in the house. I was quite scared because I heard the police might come at night to check if I had completed my homework ps1c (it was due on 09.02.18 in reality).