X: A series of short dreams

I went to some weird castle for OCSP (Overseas Community Service Project)
It was Ken’s birthday and we walked out of a huge dinner and dance function at a hotel ballroom with a bunch of people. He was pulling a luggage along, and I walked side by side with him. He said: “You forgot my birthday. It’s 31st January.”
I dreamt that Mr Mahmood, one of my CSE teachers in JC, became transgender. He had long hair and wore a dark blue dress, and didn’t seem to recognise me throughout our conversation. In reality, he always gave off those gay vibes although he has a wife.
My family and I flew to Hong Kong for a holiday. For some reason, we have an apartment there, which was located on a high level (at least 20 levels). We could see this building under construction right opposite us, with red bricks nicely and neatly stacked, and construction workers walking about in the house. I was quite scared because I heard the police might come at night to check if I had completed my homework ps1c (it was due on 09.02.18 in reality).

X: 28.11.17

Chesna and I went to eat at a cafe together. We took abnormally long to order, resulting in the waitress to look a bit pissed off. Then, we went to someone’s baby shower party together. We ran into some Red Cross people there and accompanied them to go back to school for debrief.

X: 13.11.17

In real life, I occasionally imagine how I will react when I meet the guys I used to date again. Somehow, I haven’t ever met them except E, twice, but I don’t think he saw me?

In my dream, I finally met MLZJ again. We were in the same class together where we had to sit in two by twos. I came to class slightly after him, and when he saw me, he smiled at me genuinely. Not even with the slight bit of hesitance or awkwardness. There was no animosity between us.

X: sometime in Sept too

#1: I dreamt that JX, one of my primary school best friend was building a bird’s nest containing eggs for quails on my study table, with a few FLYING ANTS. I was incredibly shocked?!

#2: My mum wore my underwear

#3: back to JX. She was flying off for exchange and I kept delaying to send her off. Eventually, I left the house, took bus 27 and reached the airport at a record of 12 minutes, which is the time usually needed by CAR.

X: 08.08.17

I was probably semi-conscious while dreaming this morning. There was a recurring motif of two black, stationary cats. One of them has a blue satin ribbon/collar around its neck. I was constantly on the move to various locations and kept seeing them and it began to freak me out. At one point I was at some event and I ran into M. Lee, someone whom I’ve always wondered how it’d turn out when we meet again. There were two seemingly dead/ sleeping black cats beside us but I ignored it. I was going to google what do black cats mean in dreams or something but I decided that my priority should be to talk to him. I asked him something along the lines of why did you leave me/ why did you MIA. And he said I wanted to chase after you but V was chasing you. Which totally doesn’t make sense in real life because I haven’t met V then. After that, I didn’t see M again.

Next, I was in a foreign country and it was pretty late at night. The streets were, however, brightened up with streetlights that emitted white fluorescent light. A Chinese girl began chatting with me and we asked each other questions like which province are you from. I don’t know why but we ended up at my apartment which had a Stylenanda kind of pink door. I saw the two black cats again and freaked out so badly.

X: 24.06.17

I dreamt that G telegrammed me to say that she misses me, and she even sent a photo with a caption admitting that she misses sending me _______ photos. I can’t remember the exact word she used, but it’s probably a word that I made up in my mind.