S: 10.12.17

pt 1: Z was being very touchy and blatantly hitting on me. I was taken aback by the attention. But I remembered that he was attached to N so I was very much confused. He was also checking out a poster of a hot girl but I pretended not to notice.

pt 2: After grocery shopping with my mum, we split up because she had other errands to run. I remember trying to navigate my way out of the mall. Was having difficulty walking because I was wearing a pair of uncomfortable heels. When I finally made it out of the mall, I was disappointed to find myself in Bugis instead of Tampines. Did not wanted to travel home because I was tired of walking in heels and carrying bags of groceries. Slid down a random slope at a carpark and bumped into my mum and was so relieved to see her.


S: 09.12.17

I was with my mum in a room filled with actors/reality show stars whose names I don’t really recognise. I noticed a crack appearing on my palm and as I examined it closer, I realise that the crevice was deepening and the flesh of my palm was literally splitting. I was horrified and alerted my mum. Some guy leaped into action and began to wrap my arm with what looked like plastic cling wrap. I thought it was a pretty flimsy bandage but I was in too much distress to complain.

S: 03.12.17

Wanted to go camping with my JC friends. We hiked to a slope in the wilderness and they left to a nearby campfire surrounded by many people near the top of the hill. I stayed at the hill to play a ball game with a few kids and a dog. It was a strange game because there was a net laying flat on the terrain and we had to somehow pass the ball beneath it. After a while, they began to pack up and leave. I noticed a beautiful sunset and whipped out my phone to start taking pictures of the scenery.

S: 02.12.17

I was at a grand dinner event hosted by my sec sch math tutor Mr L and his wife. I was surprised to see my uni friend N there and asked her how she knew my tutor. Before she could reply, my tutor who was on stage made a grand gesture of explaining how he met N recently and had such a good first impression of her that he wanted her here for the event. Felt a bit envious that she was getting so much attention considering they were merely acquaintances. N and I ended up in my living room where she brought up the night I got really drunk and was laughing at me. I was becoming increasingly embarrassed and annoyed with her. Then, 2 snakes appeared and started to attack us. I kept defending myself by flinging the snakes away but they relentlessly kept coming back. Someone came to rescue us by trapping the snakes in a box.

S: 24.11.17

I was in my marketing class that was filled with different people from SMU – some friends and some acquaintances. Not sure why, but each group had to present their project in a performance style. Remembered being on stage with my group and holding a microphone. Subsequently, the prof (who is actually my ethics prof IRL) gave us back our grades, which was really fast. Was so happy that we got an A! She was presenting a powerpoint about her review on our grade and was low-key scolding a group at the front of the class for their presentation.

S: 20.11.17

haven’t recorded my dreams either because so lazy to…but here’s my most recent one that I bothered to write down:

I was at a water park that was crowded with many people. C and I were in charge of planning some activities for a event that was beginning soon so we walked off to a store room to get the equipment like balls and floats. I felt slightly self conscious in my bathing suit. On our way back to the previous location, we ran into a guy who was complaining that our other group members had left earlier and he was the only person left who was coordinating the event. Could not tell if he was genuinely upset or just joking. He was telling us that during the short while when we left, it rained which led many people to think that our event was going to be cancelled, which explained why so many people left. We noticed a kid running past us looking like he was wearing an entire blue latex “balloon” that stretched over his head and covered his whole body. He joined a group of kids playing on the slides – all wearing different colours of “balloons”. Was stunned by the sight, but also quite amused.

X: 05.11.17

I barely dreamed/ remembered my dreams in October, because was such a hectic month. I woke up each morning having to rush for school, or a consultation or meeting. Here are the only 2 that I actually remembered.

  1. I was sitting in a classroom, at a table with 3 exchange students– 1 girl and 2 guys. All of them were Westerners. They seemed to be very intrigued by the light above us, which I didn’t notice at all until the girl pointed out. It was a naked, circular light bulb and viscous liquid that seemed like candle’s wax was threatening to trickle down any moment. When a TA walked past, she told the TA that she is very fascinated and would like to get a sample of that wax. Slightly weird.
  2. I was shopping in a Topshop that resembled the interior of the Shibuya Zara I shopped in Japan. It was a huge, 3-levels building with pearl white walls and flooring. I decided to buy some stuff and proceeded to check out. The cashier was a doe-eyed girl wearing a red knit cardigan. I noticed her because she was quite pretty. Then, I went to my class in a classroom I have never been to. The right of the classroom was this tall glass wall-window, providing a fantastic view of the city. To my surprise, my Professor was the cashier that I just met, and I was quite surprised and in awe, that my prof is working part-time as a cashier too. I don’t know why but I had the impression that I was in SIM, and kept wanting to look for Denise and Colleen, who study there.
  3. I dreamt that I had class back in the classroom as mentioned in 2, but this time with R, J and YJ. I told YJ and he said, “Haha in Shanghai?” but obviously not because I’m not going with them, which I kind of regret because my winter sounds like a boring month tbh