S: 28.05.18

I woke up at 1pm+ in the afternoon in shock because I realised I had overslept for my internship. I was panicking but also confused why HM or X had not bothered to try contacting me at all. Went to meet FC for lunch at a fancy hotel banquet. Apparently Jy was treating us for her birthday and I was wondering why there was a need since she already hosted a party before. As we sat around the table chatting, she finally arrived and asked us to order what we wanted. After ordering the main dishes, a waitress passed us dessert menus to order from. I was flipping through very indecisively and the waitress was being really impatient. I could tell that she wanted to leave the table so I quickly placed an order as I felt very pressurised.


S: 27.05.18

Met C in what looked like a toilet cubicle to catch up. She revealed that she was dating a new guy. Was telling her about how J was applying to temasek hall and apparently her new guy was staying there. She volunteered to bring me on a tour there. When we reached, I was taking videos of the whole place. Upon entering the apartment, I walked past seemingly endless passageways of corridors, where there were glass windows for me to look into the rooms.

S: 22.05.18

J told me that D kissed him. I went back in time to that night and found out everyone was planning to club. So I went to pre-drink in advance and got abit tipsy before finding the rest of my friends. I witnessed J grabbing D to kiss her and was shocked by the twist of events. D pulled away and looked very stressed. I approached the car where they were and got in the passenger seat. There was an angmoh guy in the driver’s seat, while in the backseat from right to left in order were: another angmoh guy, CKK, D, and J. The angmoh driver was blatantly flirting and being very touchy and I was surprised to find out it was D’s boyfriend who was from Boston, whom she would be reunited with again in US when she goes there for exchange. After a while, when D got pissed by her boyfriend, she asked him to stop the car and she threw me out. I asked why J got to stay in the car if he kissed her so she decided to throw him out too. As we began walking away, I asked him why he told the story incorrectly and was the one who kissed D. He flippantly said that the details did not matter and he expertly started to climb trees and do flips. I watched in amazement as he explained that he used to be a gymnast when he was a child. I felt a sense of deja vu as I told him that I was not aware that there were male gymnasts. As we went up the lift of a HDB flat, there were kids taking pictures of us and other strangers using film cameras. I was slightly outraged by the invasion of privacy and demanded that they stopped and surrender their film. Their mother intervened and tried to placate me that their actions were harmless.

S: 21.05.18

pt 1: There was a female supermarket employee being made the butt of a joke by her coworker and she was enraged by this. This made her extremely vindictive and was driven to carry out revenge. I was with a group of people in a hospital room when she stormed in with a gun and tried to kill the guy who started it all. The rest of us were just casualties she did not care for in her revenge plot. As it got quite gruesome and violent, there was a plot twist when another girl tried to kill everyone else.

pt 2: I was going to go clubbing with my JC friends. R asked me if we were all going to have a massive sleepover. I texted her that we were probably going home after because G would be staying at a hotel room that D had booked.

pt 3: A few friends and I found Vtb in a study room with her mum. She was showing us her new dog which was literally the size of a fly. She was attempting to feed it but it kept sinking in the dish of water it was in. It steadily grew in size and I thought it resembled a bat because it could fly and had two sharp pointed ears on its head. I asked whether they mistook a bat for a dog. Vtb was quite insulted and insisted it was a rare breed of dog. The “dog” started to fly around the room and I was very confused.

S: 20.05.18

Saw some old church friends and wanted to hide from them to avoid an awkward encounter. However, they noticed me and were really nice to me. They even told me they were celebrating all the birthdays of people born in April and May. I was quite touched by the celebration.

S: 18.05.18

pt 1: Was buying food w/ X with 3 other guy friends who were at a different stall. I copied X’s order – beehoon noodles + veg + crispy tofu skin because apparently that was what the stall was famous for. I’m not sure why I called a Grab Hitch and I was confused about my pick up location so I walked there to find out where I needed to wait. It was at some open carpark and just as I was walking back to find X, I received a text from the driver who told me he had arrived. I panicked because my belongings were not with me but decided that the driver can take a detour to pick up my things. After walking back, I could not locate my driver and was feeling frustrated. X came to look for me and we went back to the hawker centre in another car (not sure from where) and I received rude messages from my Hitch driver who was supposed to pick me up. I was very indignant and upset about the whole ordeal. I brought the dabao food back home to eat in my bed but I woke up a few hours later from a nap to realise that I fell asleep without touching my food.

pt 2: I was back in the school library to study but I did not recognise the school environment. I was studying with a random bunch of uni friends. We decided to go for a lunch break but as we were walking out it started to rain so I ran back into the building with a few others. The rest of damn went ahead to walk in the rain. I was growing a bit envious of D’s newfound friendship with B.

S: 17.05.18

It was the period when exams just ended. The last paper was a friday for me. Ay randomly asked me out to go shopping after his paper (irl we are more acquaintances than friends) and he was surprisingly really friendly when we went out. We were having light conversations about our friends and lives. A also joined us after a while before we ran into a larger group of friends. I was pleasantly surprised to see D but she looked visibly upset. When we were all in the lift, someone asked her what was wrong and she began to tear up. To distract everyone to give her some privacy, I led everyone in a round of games once we exited the lift. It was really fun and I lost my voice while shouting during the game. She told me she was slightly hurt when I did not bother checking on her. I felt bad because my intentions to give her privacy from everyone else was pure.