S: 03.03.18

Was at the driveway porch of a landed property house with my family members, sitting on the ground near a car. Suddenly, mud started raining down from the sky and we all tried to seek shelter. As I was scrambling away from my dad who was sitting across from me, I noticed my brother trying to run out of the gates. I followed suit. Just as I was about to step out, I realised there was an oncoming car headed in the direction of my brother. I could only scream and watch in horror. My brother was frozen in fear but at the last minute he managed to slide down a drain and the car narrowly avoided crashing into him. We all felt so much relieved but I still scolded my brother for not paying attention to traffic.


S: 17.02.18

My brother and I got roped into becoming Grab drivers and we were awaiting people to book their rides. Felt anxious because I haven’t learned how to drive. Subsequently, I was at a very nice library sitting with a few people I barely recognised. Saw my cca president K walking over and he started to insult the person sitting at the table calling him outrightly a “stupid Korean guy”. The both of them launched into a banter that was quite passive aggressive and heated. Suddenly, there was a huge food tent that appeared which caused everyone to crowd around excitedly. I was examining the menu which was in Japanese and realised it was sushi rice with assorted toppings even though I could hardly read the menu. Everyone did not want to order since they were bit cautious so I was the first to order. I pronounced something on the menu but when I saw one of the chefs take out a dead pressed chicken from the fridge, I was disgusted and hurriedly asked if there was anything salmon instead.

S: 13.02.18

Woke up from a nap at a place in public. I was walking past a group of people when I noticed an uncle walking really closely to me. Thought I felt him grab my skirt and started to walk away quickly to shake him off my tail. However, a woman grabbed my arm and informed me that the uncle and her had noticed I stained my skirt. Was embarrassed but also honestly quite relieved that my period had returned. Thanked them for their help and left the building, only to run into my primary school friend S and her other friends.

(Super fuzzy memory but at one point, I wanted to wake up from my dream by screaming like I usually do. However, my brain seemed to sense this and triggered the dream to have someone say something like “scream if you really enjoy this dream”. I was quite freaked out that my screams might backfire but I screamed really loud anyway and managed to wake up.)

X: 18.02.18

It was K’s bday. Her mum brought her to a singpost shop in viva, where Vincent and I ran into them. Her mum hid gifts for her in different parts of the shop, including gifts from her friends I.e. Me. It was quite peculiar that singpost sold stuff like those glass cups for shots.

K broke a few by accident and glass shards shattered across the whole length of the room. Vincent and I were some distance away from them but I noticed glass shards in front of us. Vincent began heading towards them to render assistance but all he was wearing was his black Nike slippers only. Worried that the glass would cut through his flimsy slippers, I shouted out to warn him to be careful.

At this point, K became S.O., me and Stacey’s good friends. Suddenly the whole clique, Stacey, V and S.W. also appeared beside me. Her mum asked us to bring Sarah to walk around. I was damn reluctant because I had class afterwards. Sarah suggested to watch a movie. I suddenly thought it was 2pm already and exclaimed, ” OMG it’s 2 I got class now” and ran off to my class which was in the mall.

I entered the class only to realize it was only 1+pm and it was a class on physics full of unfamiliar faces. But I didn’t go back to find them. I decided to make my way to the library which is super huge and is 5 levels high.

The library had a huge spiral staircase and there were multiple individual tables+ chairs at each level. A pretty cool concept indeed. It was rather packed and I almost couldn’t find a seat.

After that, I went to the toilet. It had a whole wooden interior, 4 cubicles side by side. Only one woman was queuing in front of me. The left most cubicle was empty but no one wanted to go in. I think it was dirty. The right most one was damn weird. There were two tortoises eating faeces or God knows what. The woman in front of me told me to call NEA to bring them back to where they belong. But I couldn’t find the number online..

S: 12.01.18

Chose a bread from a bakery to buy for my brother but when I tried to give it to him, he blatantly rejected it. I got really upset when he didn’t want to even accept and carry it so I kept trying to shove the bun into his bag. My family was walking together with a few other relatives when we came to this street that was lined with lit up lamp posts. It was dark at night but the street was illuminated by the lamps and there were many homeless people on both sides of the pavement we were walking on. At the end of the road, it opened up to a huge field filled with village children gathered in some sort of assembly. It was sunny and I was asking why it suddenly changed from night time to day time so abruptly. Someone explained that we had walked far enough that we crossed time zones. We were given coloured chalk “ammunition” to throw at the children which would explode into coloured chalk dust that covered everyone. The group of people I was with, including myself, were decked in outfits that looked like the white karate robes. It was decorated very nicely by the coloured chalk splatters. Things took a sudden dark turn when a few people got injured or went missing. Woke up as a different woman in this enclosed cabin with a dead woman hanging from the top, who looked like she only had her upper torso left. Was panicking and felt so afraid. Started screaming and tried to find a way out. Eventually found a door that opened to what looked like an underground sewer system.

X: 10.12.17

#1. I was walking around all by myself in the vicinity of a well-lit chalet, from the bungalow to the tennis court etc. A tiny white kitten at the gutter caught my eye. I tried to lure it out and wanted to caress it gently. It acted so innocent. When it got close to me, it attempted to bite me so hard. (Anyway, I woke up and googled what it meant to dream of a white cat and it doesn’t look too good…)

#2. I was swimming in the pool nearest to my house, with Stacey. Then, we took the bus home. She dated a guy who shoplifted in the past and was stopped by the police on the bus for this (for the record, Stacey did not actually date any guy who shoplifted in reality, at least to my knowledge haha). She was very angry about it and wanted to cut off all connections with him.

The next part of my dream is quite exciting. It is a superheroine story narrated in a video or a movie style, where a character is introduced and the screen will freeze and information about the character would fly in one by one in a list style.

So I was on the way home *cues 1st Character intro* ME! I ended up in the lift with my neighbour, Aunty CM. *cues 2nd Character intro* Last but not least,  *cues 3rd Character intro*, the woman who lives opposite me, another neighbour, Aunty J. We realised that there is a guy who is committing crime in the car park. AND THREE OF US HAVE TO STOP HIM.

Hence, the three superheroines decked up in their bulletproof vests and took the stiars down, starting from level 16. There were at least ten police officers patrolling at every level to ensure the safety of the residents. Somehow, they seemed to know that we are with them so they didn’t do anything.

When we reached the car park, we were at level 4 or something. We saw the killer, whose back faced us, with a machine gun. He was shooting anyone who was in his sight, but he did not kill the group of policemen behind him. It was puzzling how there were so many policemen all around him and he was obviously outnumbered but they could not kill him. We opened a door that leads to the stairway and ran down. The design of the whole door and staircase is really hard to describe… and doesn’t make sense tbh. Basically you can imagine a 1.5m * 1.5m  space, that has a door on two opposite sides. And there is some huge pillar in the middle of the space for the 4th floor (only the fourth floor though, because for the lower levels, the center of the space at each level is obviously the staricase. Sorry if this is confusing >.<)

He seemed to know our presence and gave chase. We were damn close to him once where we were hiding behind this door, waiting for him to enter the opposite door or sth then go to the other side. Thankfully it worked but he obviously realized where we were?? Idk how but he jumped one level down and so he was at the door outside. We could see him through the glass.

Surprisingly, he was pretty calm and didn’t try to shoot us with his machine gun. We questioned him why he is doing this when his son Sumi is coming out soon. There was then flashback of his pregnant wife and him being really happy. But he revealed that Sumi died in her stomach long ago. (In reality, Sumi is my beloved soft toy turtle’s name!) We all got a shock at this point. The End.

S: 10.12.17

pt 1: Z was being very touchy and blatantly hitting on me. I was taken aback by the attention. But I remembered that he was attached to N so I was very much confused. He was also checking out a poster of a hot girl but I pretended not to notice.

pt 2: After grocery shopping with my mum, we split up because she had other errands to run. I remember trying to navigate my way out of the mall. Was having difficulty walking because I was wearing a pair of uncomfortable heels. When I finally made it out of the mall, I was disappointed to find myself in Bugis instead of Tampines. Did not wanted to travel home because I was tired of walking in heels and carrying bags of groceries. Slid down a random slope at a carpark and bumped into my mum and was so relieved to see her.