S: 18.08.17

D was telling me about how 3 diff guys were chasing her. She seemed very conflicted and distressed about it. After that, I was sitting in a roller coaster ride with another friend and we were going backwards into different rooms. This happened a few times. 

S: 13.08.17

pt 1: I was sitting next to my brother and T was sitting on his other side. I was talking to my brother for a while when T leaned over and passed me his phone to ask for my number. I was low key happy because I always found him cute. But his phone was a strange device – not an iPhone or any android phone that I recognise. I struggled to use the keyboard and had unnecessary difficulty trying to key in my number. I was giggling on the outside but was secretly panicking because I didn’t want to frustrate him with how long I was taking. In the end I managed to give him my number but I never found out if he was interested or he just needed my help with something. 
pt 2: I was in this strange town with a couple of friends to complete this mission. I didn’t know where to go/what to do but I didn’t want to appear incapable of being independent. So I decided to walk off on my own in a different direction. Came across different stores like pet shops, cafes, etc but they were closed in the afternoon since they operated specific hours eg. 8am-12pm and 3pm-8pm. I arrived at an air-conditioned bubble tea shop and was tempted to just sit here and relax but ended up not because I felt guilty if I were to abandon the mission. Continued my exploration of the unfamiliar place. 

pt 3: (confusing dreamception that I will try to explain clearly. take note that this all happened while I was dreaming.) I was looking through a photo album that had photos of me at my friend J’s 21st birthday celebration. It was mainly girls at the event, and the women aged 23-30 had to wear white cutout of a flower on their heads. Like a lion’s mane, their heads will be seen through the hole and the “petals” would surround their face. It looked quite comical. There were not many photos but there were also candid photos of myself. I was very confused because despite the photos, I had no memory of the party happening. I knew I was invited to the party (in dream “real life”) but I don’t remember attending the actual event itself. I was a little scared because I had no idea if I forgot the whole incident because of such poor memory or if I was dreaming. I came to the conclusion I was dreaming and when I “woke up”, I wrote down my whole dream. I even laughed about it with J when I told her about it.  

S: 12.08.17

I was at a huge multi-level department store with a few other girls. One of them was C. I remember a few of us were annoyed by her but we didn’t show it. C was looking to buy a b&w striped sweater so we were helping her to find one in her size. She was looking for a size UK8 or 10. As we walked through the giant department store, there was this section in particular where there were hoops on the wall for people to throw balls. Some of them were distracted and started to play. I was very focused and walked on without them to the sales section. I excitedly found one that she liked but I read the tag wrong and it was a size 01. I felt very embarrassed when I saw her looking so disappointed. 

S: 09.08.17

I was sitting on the floor of my kitchen when I saw a small spider. I hurriedly killed it with my hands. Then, more spiders started appearing, and they were coming in increasingly larger sizes. At one point I gave up because I was so scared and I climbed up on the kitchen table to escape. I shouted for my mum to help me and she was able to exterminate most of them. As I sat on the kitchen table, I felt something in my mouth that was uncomfortable, like something was stuck in my teeth. I pulled out a loose thread in between my teeth. Then I kept pulling out these fine strings from my mouth. It was a quite painful, but a manageable level of pain. After I pulled out quite a number of strings, I rushed to the mirror to check what was happening. I received a horrible shock. The bottom row of teeth was in a terrible state. They were abnormally long and thin – and way too many, maybe 50 teeth in a row??? And they were loose and shaky, maybe even on the brink of falling out, as if the strings that I pulled out were the very things that were keeping them in place. I wanted to cry at the sight. I tried to close my mouth but it was hard to. 

S: 21.07.17

#1 (irl my work starts @ 8am) I woke up and when I checked the time it was 12 noon. I panicked because my work starts @ 8am and since I was the working the first shift of the day I was in charge of opening up the shop. I called up my coworker who was due to begin her shift in the afternoon. The whole time I was thinking about how much trouble I was in. The phone call with my coworker was frustrating because the connection was bad and I kept having to repeat myself. 

#2 It was my mum’s birthday. My dad suggested that we bring her out to dinner @ Din Tai Fung at somerset 313. We decided to drive there and meet her straight. Once we met her at the mall, we were going to walk over to the restaurant when everyone stopped in their tracks. My mum went “Do you see what I see?” We all looked into DTF where there were many workers in white uniforms and chef hats. I noticed a plump woman who was making some bread at a counter in the middle of the restaurant. Apparently they recognised her from another outlet that my parents ever visited. My mum had apparently pissed her off once. They were afraid to eat at DTF in case she recognises them and wanted to spit in the food or something. So we ended up going to a bread bakery to choose some bread. Then we went home. Once we were at the carpark of our hdb void deck, my brother said something to anger my mum who began to scold him by shouting insults as we walked to the lift lobby. It was very loud and many passers by walking past us looked at us. I was getting embarrassed because the lift lobby was full of people and my mum wouldn’t cease her scolding. Once the lift doors opened we walked in first and only a few others entered. The lift was large and made of glass walls. It stopped at a floor where there was a simulation of an alien attack so we all began to run through this huge doors with “lasers” shooting at aliens above us. I lost my family members and ran into some other friends instead. We walked past this dance studio where there were many children dancing, arranged in the colour of their dance clothes. They were all facing us and it was like looking through the glass of a shop in the mall. Some of the children were miniature, almost doll sized. I asked someone who these children weren’t they replied an association I’ve never heard of before. We all began to sit down on the floor to watch them perform. In front of us on the floor was a row of kids who were also there to watch a show. There was a cheeky boy who picked up a few miniature children and said he wanted to keep them. I found this hilarious and apparently so did F who was sitting behind me and I turned around to high five him. Then the boy fell sick and had to go home. I don’t know how or why but I called him up when he was at home to talk to him because he had left his bag behind. I asked him why he was sick and he said something about his teeth. He also mentioned that he wasn’t intentionally skipping school and was looking forward to coming back next week. I was sad because I was only going to be “there” for a week apparently. After that, I wanted to refill my water bottle and I asked my friend S along. I remember finding it funny that she had 3 pink water bottles of different sizes she carried around in her bag. 

S: 30.06.17

pt 1: I was supposed to meet an old friend for tea, possibly my lower secondary tuition friend (irl we are estranged friends). We were at a cafe and choosing some cakes to eat from the display at the counter. I was a bit worried when she chose 3 slices of cakes because I was thinking about the amount of sugar/calories. It ended up becoming 3 mini cupcakes. However, when we sat down, there were 2 other girls who joined us at our table whom I didn’t recognise but were apparently in our circle of friends too. Conversations started out a little awkward at first since I haven’t met my friends in years. One of the other girls was sick of the awkward conversation and announced something scandalous, I think she said she was ever a prostitute. She was acting like a drama queen. We were all stunned into silence. 
pt 2: I was in a giant hall taking an exam. I was feeling very anxious because I had not studied for it because I was complacent. In the hall, the surroundings were beautiful. It was dark with many stars and it looked like the aurora borealis. Everyone else taking in the background seemed to fade away as I looked at the scenery. The exam paper had very strange questions, for example one tested the plot of a tv show.

S: 07.04.17

Was walking across this long metal bridge with a few friends, including J. I saw the skyline change colours so beautifully in the shades of dark blue, bright purple and pink. Tried to take my phone out to take pictures but couldn’t really get a good shot because the colour kept changing. Afterwards, we walked towards some HDB flats and I was asking my sec sch classmate V why she was no longer in ncc???