X: 12.11.17

#1. I was stalking Visha, this Indian friend from JC, on Instagram. I liked too many posts by accident, but I was pretty nonchalant about it. She had a new Indian boyfriend.

#2. I went out with some weird man and he tried to make me do something indecent to him. I walked to the toilet and asked myself why am I doing this but somehow, I felt quite desensitized.

#3. I had dinner at an art gallery that played classical music that bore an air of elegance. It was my second time there and I love the ambiance. While people weren’t looking, I discreetly plucked my leg hair.

#4. Bryan slept over in Benita’s room, they were fully clothed, sitting up on the bed. He had a strong opinion about something and looked as if he was going to argue anytime.



X: 07.11.17

#1. I bought things for Andy, Matthew and Denzel. As I was meeting Matthew, who stays in Sheares with Andy, I asked Matt to do me a favour and pass the things to Andy. Weirdly enough, he said that I should give it to his girlfriend Chelsea instead. He then went on to criticize my drawing which was a mansion with ducks.

#2. I played this Virtual Reality game where I could choose to rebel or not against the evil stepmother. I cannot remember my choice.

#3. I played bowling with special glass bottles that would not break? They were quite heavy but looked pretty, probably 80% opaque, in a dreamy, glittery mix of purple and white. I was quite intrigued by it.


X: 06.11.17

Disclaimer: In the midst of applying for Exchange in USA, I realised that dates in America are in the MM/DD format, which is unlike what we use here. Thus, to clarify, all the dates here are in the DD.MM.YY format. The next thing is, the next few dreams that I will be recording down are based on the little notes that I took down in my phone notes in a rush.

A group of girls, including me, were preparing to trick and treat for Halloween. We were all dressed up in our various costumes, ranging from a witch with a black cape to Wonder Woman with super short tights. It didn’t look slutty though as we were all children that looked about 15-16 years old.

This girl had this A3 sized sticker collection, the kind of stickers that you could paste on your face and would not fall off. At the top left-hand corner was my favourite Summiko Gurashi stickers, which I recognised that my sister had. We went to the toilet to paste them on our faces. Someone lost her iPhone. Someone found out that there was a sink in the toilet with a thousand weird ants or something, it really freaked us out.

X: 05.11.17

I barely dreamed/ remembered my dreams in October, because was such a hectic month. I woke up each morning having to rush for school, or a consultation or meeting. Here are the only 2 that I actually remembered.

  1. I was sitting in a classroom, at a table with 3 exchange students– 1 girl and 2 guys. All of them were Westerners. They seemed to be very intrigued by the light above us, which I didn’t notice at all until the girl pointed out. It was a naked, circular light bulb and viscous liquid that seemed like candle’s wax was threatening to trickle down any moment. When a TA walked past, she told the TA that she is very fascinated and would like to get a sample of that wax. Slightly weird.
  2. I was shopping in a Topshop that resembled the interior of the Shibuya Zara I shopped in Japan. It was a huge, 3-levels building with pearl white walls and flooring. I decided to buy some stuff and proceeded to check out. The cashier was a doe-eyed girl wearing a red knit cardigan. I noticed her because she was quite pretty. Then, I went to my class in a classroom I have never been to. The right of the classroom was this tall glass wall-window, providing a fantastic view of the city. To my surprise, my Professor was the cashier that I just met, and I was quite surprised and in awe, that my prof is working part-time as a cashier too. I don’t know why but I had the impression that I was in SIM, and kept wanting to look for Denise and Colleen, who study there.
  3. I dreamt that I had class back in the classroom as mentioned in 2, but this time with R, J and YJ. I told YJ and he said, “Haha in Shanghai?” but obviously not because I’m not going with them, which I kind of regret because my winter sounds like a boring month tbh



S: 14.10.17

I was in the kitchen with my dad when I looked into the dining room to check where my mum was. She was standing up and was in the midst of telling me something when she started to flail around. She told me she felt like fainting but moving her limbs helped her gain back her stability. My dad said he recognised that she was being possessed. I noticed a piece of paper flying away from her body and realised it was the “evil spirit” that was leaving her body. I tried to catch it and crumple it up, and even threw it into the dustbin but it was still moving. In the end, I threw it out of the window. Outside the window, there was another spirit of an uncle trapped in another piece of paper floating in what seemed like a vacuum. We watched in horror as the evil spirit paper tried to attach itself to my uncle. (this gets confusing LOL) After that, my dad was driving us in a car when I saw the two pieces of paper again. I told them to stop the car so that I could run out and retrieve the two spirits. 

S: 05.10.17

I was taking an uber with my friend, H. He was in the front seat next to the driver while I was sitting at the back. He surprisingly had his hair waxed really nicely and styled. I was about to comment on it when he proudly showed me a electric razor (the kind used at barber shops) in the rear view mirror and started to shave off his styled hair. Not completely shave off but he did trim it. The driver looked really amused and I was just dumbfounded. My friend told me to help him take a video so I tried to take an insta-story video of the process. But I lost the video in the process of trying to save it. Once we alighted the car, he was annoyed to have found out I accidentally lost the footage. I thought we were at school but we seemed to have ended up at what looked like a huge football stadium. I saw many people rushing to sit for their tests and I panicked and rushed off as well. I ran past a few girls playing soccer on the field and recognised a few friends. Ran into a giant changing room and met C and another friend. We began to change into clothes for some reason. I changed into this sweater and dress but I looked so frumpy and it made me look like I had a pregnant baby bump. It was so unflattering and a group of aunties who appeared seem to like it though and complimented me (not sure if it was sarcastic mocking). Suddenly, a group of guys came and began to taunt C for her brother’s death which happened a year ago. She looked very upset so the other friend and I purposely led her away. The other friend was threatening to beat up the bullies on C’s behalf. 

S: 01.10.17

I was in a classroom that looked like how it would be in a secondary school class because the tables were arranged in typical exam format. Single tables arranged in rows and columns. Yet, it was a presentation given by student groups like in university classes. There was a group giving a presentation but I wasn’t paying attention to what it was about. Suddenly, my group told me we were supposed to present next. I was taken by surprise because I wasn’t prepared and hastily tried to read through my script. Before we started, many people began to leave the classroom to go to the toilet or skip class. I felt a little insulted although I knew I shouldn’t be since I wasn’t even paying attention to the previous presentation. While my other group mates were presenting, the presentation seemed very messy because they were not clear about the script either. Once it was my turn, I was a stumbling mess because the script I was reading off did not match the slides. It made me very frustrated and embarrassed because of how unprepared I looked. I also felt like someone had purposely tried to sabotage me.