S: 16.05.18

A random guy I met on the bus was hitting on me and we began dating shortly after. However, I chanced upon his IC one day and found out he was only 16 or 18 years old. I was quite horrified and he was trying to convince me that the age gap was insignificant.


X: 24.04.18

Stacey joined some science experiment competition in my school. Her team got into the finals, where they received some funding and could showcase their project. So they had this mini swimming pool that reaches ur knee level and you could see all the marine animals. I was wearing a dress and it got a little wet but I didn’t care. They had a video with voice over that keeps looping. I stood in front of the computer and kept waiting for Stacey’s voice to appear. It eventually did but I felt that their group’s video cutting wasn’t that good, as the voices were too close to each other’s, rather than natural pauses between each speaker.

Then, I walked around and witnessed another group of four take a cash prize of $1000 each from the organizer, Anand, instead of the agreed $3000 for the whole team. And my oh my was Anand furious.

X: 20.04.18

I. I met Ginna to shop. We were at a mall with thrift shops. For some reason, I had purchased two of the same pants. It cant be tried. Afterwards, I held the pants against my body and realized it’s freaking long, all the way up to my chest level. I told the shopkeeper, who is a young girl that looks like she’s 20, to alter it. I tried to return the other pants.. A while later, I returned to the shop and the girl passed me a denim dress that’s completely different??? I was like, what the hell.

Anyway, the total cost summed up to $14.30 but Ginna wanted to get $15 from me. In the end I gave her $15 and she returned me $0.50..

II. It was my sister’s birthday and I was trying to arrange where to eat. Somehow Vu was in the dream. He called me to ask if he could join for dinner.

X: 21.02.18

I dreamt that I got called for interview at Accenture Thread… It was a group it review with with my Friend, Jean and Milton. My intro was not fluent at all. I was in a half asleep state so I kept telling myself it’s okay this is just a dream, let’s redo. We did some test that was on paper. It was quite silly because they started the test with Milton then passed to Jean and me then my friend. And they were the same questions so we could copy each other’s answers if we wanted (except Milton of course, since he’s the first in line).

S: 29.04.18

I was sitting in the backseat of a car. There was a snake on the ground that kept trying to attack me by biting my foot. I tried to fight it and it wound itself up like a measuring tape. I kept picking it up and throwing it on the ground.