X: 09.08.17

I was with my family in a rather old and tall HDB, trying to get to this particular unit on Level 35. However, the maximum level for the first lift we took was only Level 30 or something. We were baffled. A guy in the lift together with us told us that we have to take another lift. We thanked him warmly, and walked out of the lift. 

Upon exiting the lift, I scanned my eyes for the nearest lift which was diagonally left from where I was and walked there briskly, expecting them to follow me. But they didn’t. My idea was to reach Level 35 then we’ll find the unit. Their idea was to find the nearest lift to the unit and just go straight up to it. So I stubbornly took the lift up myself. 

Surprisingly there were only 6 numbers in the lift, from “1” to “6”. Basically I tried pressing every number and couldn’t get to the level no matter what(?!!!?)  and I started feeling bad and wanting to cry because things didn’t turn out well when I chose to be a smart aleck and went solo. 

X: 08.08.17

I was probably semi-conscious while dreaming this morning. There was a recurring motif of two black, stationary cats. One of them has a blue satin ribbon/collar around its neck. I was constantly on the move to various locations and kept seeing them and it began to freak me out. At one point I was at some event and I ran into M. Lee, someone whom I’ve always wondered how it’d turn out when we meet again. There were two seemingly dead/ sleeping black cats beside us but I ignored it. I was going to google what do black cats mean in dreams or something but I decided that my priority should be to talk to him. I asked him something along the lines of why did you leave me/ why did you MIA. And he said I wanted to chase after you but V was chasing you. Which totally doesn’t make sense in real life because I haven’t met V then. After that, I didn’t see M again.

Next, I was in a foreign country and it was pretty late at night. The streets were, however, brightened up with streetlights that emitted white fluorescent light. A Chinese girl began chatting with me and we asked each other questions like which province are you from. I don’t know why but we ended up at my apartment which had a Stylenanda kind of pink door. I saw the two black cats again and freaked out so badly.

S: 04.07.17

pt 1: I was in a cool giant treehouse like hangout to find my JC friends with another friend. She was vlogging. There were many rooms and we had no clue where our friends were. We spent what felt like an hour looking into every room. There were groups of people hanging out or even some having mass tuition. On two occasions, my friend walked into the room confidently while vlogging and ran out when she realised they were not the friends we were looking for. I found it hilarious and even more so when I found out she wasn’t wearing her contact lenses. Eventually with some help from strangers, we located them in a small room in the corner with a weird tarp covering the entrance instead of a door. Once we went in, the room appeared to be a small cozy ramen place. M was at the table and I was surprised to see him. He said I looked familiar and I told him we had a class together last semester.
pt 2: I was taking a nap on one of two beds in a room when I was woken up. It was very urgent that we had to gather somewhere. They were trying to rush people (uni friends i recognise irl) out of the room. I opened up my contact lens case and struggled to insert them. I remember dropping the whole case and was slightly hesitant to wear the other side because it was dirty. Many people were walking past our room already on the way to the venue. I asked my friend why we weren’t changing since I was in a sleep shirt and shorts but she told me there wasn’t time. It turned out to be some chinese new year festival on the streets. J and T were part of the parade performances, representing different martial art styles.  

S: 28.07.17

P was walking towards me with a few friends when he stopped me to talk. I was with a few friends too but I was interested in knowing what he wanted to tell me. He was so hesitant to tell me what he wanted to say that I was really interested. It was quite anti-climatic. He told me that he and B were looking for a science tutor and were interested in joining my class. I was confused because I wasn’t aware of any science tuition class that I was teaching. Apparently another guy might join with them and he wanted to set us up too as an “incentive” for me.

X: 27.07.17

I had a rather horrifying dream. I was practising driving in a car (I haven’t gotten my license yet) at this open-air upslope area that you often see in carparks, except that it doesn’t lead to a carpark; it leads to a highway of some sort. It was night time and was raining pretty heavily, so my field of vision wasn’t super clear. When I came out of the highway, I had problems trying swerve my car to where I want it to move. I don’t know whether it’s the slippery roads or what. That was when I accidentally hit this human who appeared out of nowhere?!  He/ she died instantaneously, I believe.

Apparently I knew this person but I decided to speed off. I then joined this person’s family in the hospital. His / her parents were furious and vowed to find the person who killed their child. I appeared calm but inside I struggled to admit to them that I was the killer, and was worried what they would do to me if they found out it was me. 

X: 23.07.17

A few of us, including me and V, gathered earlier in this club-like room that was pretty dark, with exotic red and green lights (a recurring occurrence in a lot of my dreams). The special occasion was D. Kho’s birthday surprise. A circular table was right in the center of the room, where 4 translucent, colored, deep bowls with the size of mixing bowls you’ll use for baking were arranged in a spiral manner. The food (I think there was an assortment and it includes sausages) was arranged according to size and labeled XS, S, M and L. I thought that was pretty interesting.

Just then, D entered the room with her Cedar BFF SH. V exclaimed that the ceiling was lighted up with red, green and white neon lights in the shape of numerous satays. We all cringed at V because he kind of spoiled the surprise.

V and I stood at this tall podium at one side of the room. I wanted to change out from my white ankle-length culottes to some other shorts. I could change behind the podium, but I was afraid to go into the dark corner by myself. I thought of just changing on the spot but there was no way I could without someone seeing me. So, I went behind the podium and changed out despite my fear of the dark.

X: 26.07.17

This was a pretty long post, I think I dreamt two of these after I snoozed.

#1: We were in a hotel room or hall of some sort, and we gathered to celebrate a girl’s 21st birthday. I’m not sure whether it’s this girl from computing named Sylvia whom I’ve only seen on camera before, or if it’s Claudia C., my Cedar-to-TJ-to-Sheares friend. The two of us walked around the venue in our cute dresses, arm-in-arm, our free hands holding paper plates. The room had multiple tables filled and carefully decorated with food, like buffet style. We reached this table where everything was about yam, fried yam fritters, yam rings with different seasonings, huge flat pieces of circular yam. In reality, I’m not a fan of yam but I found all the food so yummy and we chose to share the latter. We passed by this table with a few plush toys and they had my sister’s English name Beverlyn sewed on the plush toys and I told the girl that no wonder I had found the place to be really familiar as my sister held her 21st birthday party there as well.

#2: I was alone, walking in a shopping mall. It was nearing Mother’s Day. There were two shop booths, opposite each other in a semi-busy stretch of the mall. It was actually a curved pathway. I was attracted to both shops, but more attracted to the one of the left, which sold small heart-shaped fluffy pillows, and I really wanted to get it for my mum. However, I walked past both shops and ended up walking to the nearer shop aka the shop on the right. (reflects me in reality, always diverting from the things I was supposed to do) The female shop-keeper seemed to be relieved that I came to her shop, and showed me a catalogue of items she is selling. One of the items is a variation of the soft green cake- in-a-bread that I loved a lot as a kid, but have not eaten for a few years. My mum used to buy the bread from Yishun when I was young. The woman excitedly told me that it’s a harder version of that cake called 贵糕.
#3: I was alone at home/ my sister was at home with me. It wasn’t actually our home in reality, and I have never been to such a home. It was a bright, spacious house with lots of sunlight streaming in through the front door. I walked out of the room and became very wary of a man and a lady wearing a pastel bluish-purple outfit, who walked past the house. After a while, another man came to claim $139.55 with a receipt from me. I think I expected him, which was why I didn’t seem wary at all.
#4: My grandparents, Stacey and I were at a hawker center, and I instructed them to sit down while I bought drinks for them. I was getting the drinks from this centralized drinks vending machine place. I called them to ask if my grandma wanted green tea milk tea. She said she didn’t want so I got that for Stacey instead and decided to give my grandma my fruit juice and bought soya milk for myself. When I reached the table, I passed Stacey 2 boxes of my favorite Taiwanese Pineapple Tarts. Each had 8 inside. She began pouring them out and packing them all in 1 box. I began to ask, “who said all is for you??” Then she said you told me you’ll give me 16, but there’s only 8 in one box. (lmao in reality, she’s the one in TW and I wanted to ask her to help me buy pineapple tarts)