S: 09.09.17 

I was at a bus stop on the way for my first tutoring session. A young girl approached me and was apparently my tutee. I was confused because I was sure I had to change bus and was waiting at the bus stop for a reason. But since the girl said her apartment building was nearby, I was quite thankful that my journey was cut short so I followed her anyway. G was also nearby to meet us. I was wondering why she was there and low key felt like my tutoring role was being threatened. We climbed up the stairs to her unit. The inside of her house was bigger than I expected. We greeted her mother and I realised that G was the chinese tutor, whereas I still retained my role as the math + science + english tutor. I was relieved. The girl’s mother questioned G’s competence in the chinese language. G repeated a chinese phrase the mother said and they both asked me to judge for them. Even though G’s chinese sounded off and pretty bad, I lied and said it was good because I didn’t want to betray my friend. We were given food to eat and I realised that the family ran a food catering business. We all sat down to watch TV while eating. I was confused why we were relaxing instead of getting down to tuition business. 


S: 07.09.17

I was an actress on set. My surroundings looked like an expo hall but the ground was rocky and uneven terrain. I was surrounded by many people who were part of the cast. Someone wheeled in a wheelbarrow filled with bricks and no one offered to help move it in. Suddenly, a short and plump woman boldly stepped forward and began to push the wheelbarrow. She was evidently trying to show off her strength, declaring proudly that she’ll be the one to help. As soon as she took a few steps, the ground beneath her gave way. She fell to the bottom of the pit that materialised, crushed underneath the heavy bricks and boulders. Everyone was shocked. A few directors began to knock over more builders and sandbags into the pit, commanding people to help cover the body. Apparently since the woman was going to die, they might as well kill her and hide the body. I was horrified but also too stunned to do anything. Subsequently, I had to act out a scene with an old man -who was acting as my father- in an airport. 

S: 02.09.17 

I was at home standing on top of the chair at the shoe cupboard area. There were candies/chocolates stuck in the wall near the ceiling and I was collecting them in a jar. I discovered an electrical cable plugged in which strangely led outside of my house. Tracing it, I found J using her laptop right outside my gate. Surprised and confused, I invited her in. In the kitchen, there was a somewhat small snake creature. I wanted to get rid of it but I didn’t know how to. My dad came in and used a medium length rod (or was it a huge spoon??) to chase it away. The snake had wrapped itself around the rod. My dad tried to shove it inside a plastic bag but it kept escaping. I took the rod from my dad and began to strike it (together with the snake) against the walls or anything that it could come into contact with. It was trying to retaliate by biting and it took very long before I could kill it. After it died, I felt very guilty. It was my first time killing an animal and it felt wrong. 

X: 01.09.17

The start of another new month… mmm. Anyway, I dreamt that I was taking Accounting and Keith Carter (the prof for one of my current mods) was the prof. Ben was sitting to my left and J Choo to my right. I asked them if they have done the homework and they said yes/ of course! I felt really stressed out because I haven’t done it. (This was probably inspired by my own situation in reality)

Then, I was at home with my mum. P.E. and her friend came to my house to talk about their entrepreneurship journey. Oddly enough, it felt like my real house but the interior didn’t look like my house. They said they had graduated from Yale University and began to start their own party planning business while studying. They answered our questions patiently and my mum seemed super impressive. I was a little doubtful though. After they left, I voiced out my doubts. How can they be from Yale? They were my seniors from Cedar! Just a year older than me! How can they have graduated so fast? Maybe they went there for a foundation program or summer school, and you are considered a graduate after completion. 

Just then, V texted me.

V: Where is my ex? Did you kidnap her???

Me: No? Idk where she is, I have been at home the whole time

V: Serious? I’m damn scared



X: 30.08.17

Stacey was telling me about how her debate went, and her opponent was wearing a pale pink shirt with a big Tao Kae Noi logo in the middle of the shirt. 

I was waiting for V to come to my house and was getting pretty restless. I stood waiting, pacing back and forth. The door bell rang and I went to get it, ready to welcome V. But it wasn’t him. It was this old Uncle on a bike. And idk why but I helped him rotate his bike…

Lately I have been having really long, continuous dreams so I don’t get proper rest… and I don’t remember most of it after I wake up..

S: 28.08.17 

 I was taking the train to work and I fell asleep on my seat. When I woke up, I had overslept and missed my stop. I panicked because I was already late for work by 20 mins or so. It didn’t help that my surroundings didn’t look familiar. I was on a train that looked like the MRT but it was above ground on the road. I didn’t know how to go back in the opposite direction. I alighted the strange train, frantically texting my boss that I was running late. It was hard for me to text properly because my mind was a mess and I couldn’t focus on the task at hand. Suddenly an old man grabbed my arm to pull me across the road. He was trying to help me find my bearings after noting my confusion and told me to take one of the buses along the road.   

(ps after i started working @ S&S i keep having dreams about being late for work zzz) 

S: 27.08.17

It was a typical weekend afternoon and I was watching TV with my mum. It was a popular series about a group superheroes, kind of like Avengers. As the credits were rolling, there were many famous american actors/actresses I recognised. I realised there were also popular SMU people who were acting inside too just that their names weren’t included in the credits. My mum wanted to go to the toilet so I followed her to the master bedroom. When she entered the toilet, she leaned against the sink, almost as if she was feeling faint. Opposite her, against the toilet wall (between the shower and the towel rack) there was a mini swing hanging from the ceiling and a ghostly apparition on it. It looked like a pair of feet. I was feeling afraid and the toilet itself gave me very bad vibes. I felt as if the room was haunted. I hurriedly tried to drag my mum out of the toilet. I saw a ghostly figure sitting on the toilet floor as I led her away. I brought my mum to the kitchen toilet instead and left her inside. As I was walking back to the living room, I saw the same ghostly figure sitting on the hallway floor against the wall. I was beginning to feel like the entire thing was a dream. Yet at the same time, despite the creepy haunted vibes of the house, the whole atmosphere was very calm and ordinary, which honestly made me doubt whether or not I was dreaming. I was still eager to try to wake up from everything, so I begun to jump up and down and thrash about to wake up.