X: 21.02.18

I dreamt that I got called for interview at Accenture Thread… It was a group it review with with my Friend, Jean and Milton. My intro was not fluent at all. I was in a half asleep state so I kept telling myself it’s okay this is just a dream, let’s redo. We did some test that was on paper. It was quite silly because they started the test with Milton then passed to Jean and me then my friend. And they were the same questions so we could copy each other’s answers if we wanted (except Milton of course, since he’s the first in line).


X: A series of short dreams

I went to some weird castle for OCSP (Overseas Community Service Project)
It was Ken’s birthday and we walked out of a huge dinner and dance function at a hotel ballroom with a bunch of people. He was pulling a luggage along, and I walked side by side with him. He said: “You forgot my birthday. It’s 31st January.”
I dreamt that Mr Mahmood, one of my CSE teachers in JC, became transgender. He had long hair and wore a dark blue dress, and didn’t seem to recognise me throughout our conversation. In reality, he always gave off those gay vibes although he has a wife.
My family and I flew to Hong Kong for a holiday. For some reason, we have an apartment there, which was located on a high level (at least 20 levels). We could see this building under construction right opposite us, with red bricks nicely and neatly stacked, and construction workers walking about in the house. I was quite scared because I heard the police might come at night to check if I had completed my homework ps1c (it was due on 09.02.18 in reality).

X: 28.01.18

I went back to an older version of the Cedar campus. I attended Mr Chue’s class (he was one of the PE teachers), a really nice man. He was doubting what I was doing there, which is not surprising since I had graduated from CGSS a few years ago. We played a game on XBOX where we are supposed to attack people and collect the food that gets generated after they die.

He spoke to me after class, and asked how am I. I told him I am in Business Analytics in NUS Computing, to which he replied enthusiastically: “Oh, you can go to Australia for Masters! It’s good!” It felt pretty strange to me, I have no idea why he would say that and why I would even dream of him in the first place.

X: 31.12.17

I had a meet up with a few girls, and wore tribal patterned clothes that I don’t actually possess in real life. After that, I texted ZJ, my Business Analytics friend, and arranged to meet up with him. But I soon forgot and arranged to meet up w my JC friend, Anna too at the same venue. I arrived late and the two of them were there already, making conversation. Ben, another Business Analytics friend, was there too. I secretly told him what I had done. He laughed with that ben ‘s-cheeky-smile and said “HAHA it’s okay lah”. Anyways, I forgot what happened in the end but I ended up shopping for damn long and even shoplifted?!

X: 12.11.17

#1. I was stalking Visha, this Indian friend from JC, on Instagram. I liked too many posts by accident, but I was pretty nonchalant about it. She had a new Indian boyfriend.

#2. I went out with some weird man and he tried to make me do something indecent to him. I walked to the toilet and asked myself why am I doing this but somehow, I felt quite desensitized.

#3. I had dinner at an art gallery that played classical music that bore an air of elegance. It was my second time there and I love the ambiance. While people weren’t looking, I discreetly plucked my leg hair.

#4. Bryan slept over in Benita’s room, they were fully clothed, sitting up on the bed. He had a strong opinion about something and looked as if he was going to argue anytime.


X: 07.11.17

#1. I bought things for Andy, Matthew and Denzel. As I was meeting Matthew, who stays in Sheares with Andy, I asked Matt to do me a favour and pass the things to Andy. Weirdly enough, he said that I should give it to his girlfriend Chelsea instead. He then went on to criticize my drawing which was a mansion with ducks.

#2. I played this Virtual Reality game where I could choose to rebel or not against the evil stepmother. I cannot remember my choice.

#3. I played bowling with special glass bottles that would not break? They were quite heavy but looked pretty, probably 80% opaque, in a dreamy, glittery mix of purple and white. I was quite intrigued by it.


X: 06.11.17

Disclaimer: In the midst of applying for Exchange in USA, I realised that dates in America are in the MM/DD format, which is unlike what we use here. Thus, to clarify, all the dates here are in the DD.MM.YY format. The next thing is, the next few dreams that I will be recording down are based on the little notes that I took down in my phone notes in a rush.

A group of girls, including me, were preparing to trick and treat for Halloween. We were all dressed up in our various costumes, ranging from a witch with a black cape to Wonder Woman with super short tights. It didn’t look slutty though as we were all children that looked about 15-16 years old.

This girl had this A3 sized sticker collection, the kind of stickers that you could paste on your face and would not fall off. At the top left-hand corner was my favourite Summiko Gurashi stickers, which I recognised that my sister had. We went to the toilet to paste them on our faces. Someone lost her iPhone. Someone found out that there was a sink in the toilet with a thousand weird ants or something, it really freaked us out.