X: 14.08.17

I dreamt that C, one of my closest girl friends, were walking up some escalator in the mall. She had a rather obvious hickey on her neck (of about 3cm diameter). It was rather bloody, like the kind of wound you get when you fall down. I was trying to tell her about it but she was advancing up the steps swiftly.

S: 04.07.17

pt 1: I was in a cool giant treehouse like hangout to find my JC friends with another friend. She was vlogging. There were many rooms and we had no clue where our friends were. We spent what felt like an hour looking into every room. There were groups of people hanging out or even some having mass tuition. On two occasions, my friend walked into the room confidently while vlogging and ran out when she realised they were not the friends we were looking for. I found it hilarious and even more so when I found out she wasn’t wearing her contact lenses. Eventually with some help from strangers, we located them in a small room in the corner with a weird tarp covering the entrance instead of a door. Once we went in, the room appeared to be a small cozy ramen place. M was at the table and I was surprised to see him. He said I looked familiar and I told him we had a class together last semester.
pt 2: I was taking a nap on one of two beds in a room when I was woken up. It was very urgent that we had to gather somewhere. They were trying to rush people (uni friends i recognise irl) out of the room. I opened up my contact lens case and struggled to insert them. I remember dropping the whole case and was slightly hesitant to wear the other side because it was dirty. Many people were walking past our room already on the way to the venue. I asked my friend why we weren’t changing since I was in a sleep shirt and shorts but she told me there wasn’t time. It turned out to be some chinese new year festival on the streets. J and T were part of the parade performances, representing different martial art styles.  

S: 28.07.17

P was walking towards me with a few friends when he stopped me to talk. I was with a few friends too but I was interested in knowing what he wanted to tell me. He was so hesitant to tell me what he wanted to say that I was really interested. It was quite anti-climatic. He told me that he and B were looking for a science tutor and were interested in joining my class. I was confused because I wasn’t aware of any science tuition class that I was teaching. Apparently another guy might join with them and he wanted to set us up too as an “incentive” for me.

X: 26.07.17

This was a pretty long post, I think I dreamt two of these after I snoozed.

#1: We were in a hotel room or hall of some sort, and we gathered to celebrate a girl’s 21st birthday. I’m not sure whether it’s this girl from computing named Sylvia whom I’ve only seen on camera before, or if it’s Claudia C., my Cedar-to-TJ-to-Sheares friend. The two of us walked around the venue in our cute dresses, arm-in-arm, our free hands holding paper plates. The room had multiple tables filled and carefully decorated with food, like buffet style. We reached this table where everything was about yam, fried yam fritters, yam rings with different seasonings, huge flat pieces of circular yam. In reality, I’m not a fan of yam but I found all the food so yummy and we chose to share the latter. We passed by this table with a few plush toys and they had my sister’s English name Beverlyn sewed on the plush toys and I told the girl that no wonder I had found the place to be really familiar as my sister held her 21st birthday party there as well.

#2: I was alone, walking in a shopping mall. It was nearing Mother’s Day. There were two shop booths, opposite each other in a semi-busy stretch of the mall. It was actually a curved pathway. I was attracted to both shops, but more attracted to the one of the left, which sold small heart-shaped fluffy pillows, and I really wanted to get it for my mum. However, I walked past both shops and ended up walking to the nearer shop aka the shop on the right. (reflects me in reality, always diverting from the things I was supposed to do) The female shop-keeper seemed to be relieved that I came to her shop, and showed me a catalogue of items she is selling. One of the items is a variation of the soft green cake- in-a-bread that I loved a lot as a kid, but have not eaten for a few years. My mum used to buy the bread from Yishun when I was young. The woman excitedly told me that it’s a harder version of that cake called 贵糕.
#3: I was alone at home/ my sister was at home with me. It wasn’t actually our home in reality, and I have never been to such a home. It was a bright, spacious house with lots of sunlight streaming in through the front door. I walked out of the room and became very wary of a man and a lady wearing a pastel bluish-purple outfit, who walked past the house. After a while, another man came to claim $139.55 with a receipt from me. I think I expected him, which was why I didn’t seem wary at all.
#4: My grandparents, Stacey and I were at a hawker center, and I instructed them to sit down while I bought drinks for them. I was getting the drinks from this centralized drinks vending machine place. I called them to ask if my grandma wanted green tea milk tea. She said she didn’t want so I got that for Stacey instead and decided to give my grandma my fruit juice and bought soya milk for myself. When I reached the table, I passed Stacey 2 boxes of my favorite Taiwanese Pineapple Tarts. Each had 8 inside. She began pouring them out and packing them all in 1 box. I began to ask, “who said all is for you??” Then she said you told me you’ll give me 16, but there’s only 8 in one box. (lmao in reality, she’s the one in TW and I wanted to ask her to help me buy pineapple tarts) 

S: 23.07.17

(on flight to taiwan) My friends and I were at a mcdonald’s in taiwan trying to order some food. Had some difficulty because the menus were strangely sparse. It was a few rows of wooden planks with a unknown language on it. We were directed to an alternative english menu on the counter. There were strange menu items like pastries. While everyone was busy deciding what they wanted I decided to order a simple fillet o fish but was told it’s not on the menu. So I ordered something else weird but I was told to wait because they were collecting orders in bulk??? Then, I was in a glass shower cubicle sitting down and having a shower. The ground wasn’t flat but had 2 steps leading down into the ground. I was annoyed because water was flowing out of shower cubicle. I reunited with my friends after my shower and H was using instagram story to vlog and I was surprised because he usually doesn’t use instagram at all.

X: 19.07.17

#1: I dreamt that A. Chow, this TJC senior of mine, was practicing some cheerleading drills in the characteristic royal blue KR Steppers uniform. He was the base, and he supported on his shoulders a girl who had both her hands up in the air in a V-shape stance.  (KR Steppers is the Cheerleading CCA in Kent Ridge Hall. In reality, he enrolled into Sheares Hall for the upcoming Annual Year 2017/2018. )

#2: I was at this house party in the day, and people could go into rockets located in the backyard, and fly up to … somewhere. I watched the rocket launch into the sky a few times, propelling dauntlessly in an upward trajectory with no sense of hesitation. I still remember the bright yellow fan-shaped trail of fire at the end of the rocket, as well as the loud boom the rocket made every time it took off.

The desire to experience flight in a rocket started to grow in me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t close to the person who hosted this rocket party, and this host and his/her crew were in this room chilling. I didn’t dare to enter or join them.

X: 18.07.17

#1: I dreamt that the entire level of a shorter block just opposite mine caught fire. I could see thick black smoke engulfing the rooms and the occasional tongues of fire lapping out of the windows. It was quite a serious fire, from the looks of it. 

I was standing in the kitchen-cum-laundry area overlooking this whole disaster. Suddenly, huge ominous-looking black clouds were floating slowly but fiercely, inching closer and closer to my windows. My immediate reaction was to shut the 3 windows before me. When I was shutting the middle window, my hand accidentally came into contact with the cloud and there was some sort of weird fizzle- some golden sparks… I knew something was wrong about these evil-looking black clouds. It didn’t help that a gale prevailed outside, blowing the windows that I have shut slightly ajar again. 

Being the in-charge of the house, I hurriedly called for a few people to help me keep the laundry, which was a huge mess. Poles were not arranged parallel to each other, and in fact, crossed each other like that of a Tic Tac Toe structure. Thaddeus was there and he appeared very annoyed at the disorganisation before him. 

#2: I was in this Disney shop choosing some soft toy keychains to buy. (This dream was probably inspired by senior Fel, whose insta story I saw, where she had displayed 4 tsum tsums on her desk). It was a tall maroon open cupboard with four shelves. In my dream,  I already owned one, and I wanted to choose another 2/3 more. I can’t remember the characters but there was Spongebob and some character with an unusual blue face. A guy beside me wanted something that I held in my hand, probably the last piece. Indecisive me took very long to decide and I kept telling myself to make up my mind soon.

#3: CCW’s boyfriend and his friend went to Korea. It was both their girlfriends’ birthdays. As they landed in the airport, CCW’s bf announced jubilantly that he sent the birthday wishes first. Both his hands were raised in the sky. (In reality Idk him but I saw him in Bugis once at a coffee shop and we waved at each other.)

Next CCW and him were at a Karaoke place, and he was proudly telling someone that CCW is great at singing a certain kind of song/songs. CCW began to burst into signing, and it felt like an music video to me because there were different cuts of her singing in different beautiful indie-esque vibes backgrounds. (In reality I just watched an MV ytd and I paid extra attention to how the MV was filmed so maybe this inspired this part of the dream.)

#4: I was in a quiet club or somewhere like a room that is not a private place but there is nobody except for me, D and someone sitting beside D. As usual, I started speaking to D really excitedly. I might have been sitting on his lap. We began to kiss… and suddenly he pulled back and said firmly, “You have to leave now.”