S: 13.08.17

pt 1: I was sitting next to my brother and T was sitting on his other side. I was talking to my brother for a while when T leaned over and passed me his phone to ask for my number. I was low key happy because I always found him cute. But his phone was a strange device – not an iPhone or any android phone that I recognize. I struggled to use the keyboard and had unnecessary difficulty trying to key in my number. I was giggling on the outside but was secretly panicking because I didn’t want to frustrate him with how long I was taking. In the end, I managed to give him my number but I never found out if he was interested or he just needed my help with something.
pt 2: I was in this strange town with a couple of friends to complete this mission. I didn’t know where to go/what to do but I didn’t want to appear incapable of being independent. So I decided to walk off on my own in a different direction. Came across different stores like pet shops, cafes, etc but they were closed in the afternoon since they operated specific hours eg. 8am-12pm and 3pm-8pm. I arrived at an air-conditioned bubble tea shop and was tempted to just sit here and relax but ended up not because I felt guilty if I were to abandon the mission. Continued my exploration of the unfamiliar place.

pt 3: (confusing dreamception that I will try to explain clearly. take note that this all happened while I was dreaming.) I was looking through a photo album that had photos of me at my friend J’s 21st birthday celebration. It was mainly girls at the event, and the women aged 23-30 had to wear white cutout of a flower on their heads. Like a lion’s mane, their heads will be seen through the hole and the “petals” would surround their face. It looked quite comical. There were not many photos but there were also candid photos of myself. I was very confused because despite the photos, I had no memory of the party happening. I knew I was invited to the party (in dream “real life”) but I don’t remember attending the actual event itself. I was a little scared because I had no idea if I forgot the whole incident because of such poor memory or if I was dreaming. I came to the conclusion I was dreaming and when I “woke up”, I wrote down my whole dream. I even laughed about it with J when I told her about it.


S: 10.08.17 

I found myself in an airport but I didn’t know what county I was in. I felt very lost because I knew I was overseas yet I had no idea where I was at the same time. I saw a group of people from church that I don’t really talk to anymore. They were obviously traveling together in a group. They were happily riding on children’s toy cars – the kind that you can sit on and wheel yourself around in. I spotted an abandoned one nearby and sat on it to join in the fun. I also managed to find out from someone that I was in Korea. I was pushing myself around in the car happily, consciously trying to avoid the other people I recognized. Suddenly, the cars all stopped because apparently the fixed time was up and we had to return them to this room. Apparently, the fare was $8. Someone from church helped me pay first to make things more convenient for the employee. There was a bed in the middle of the room which a few of us sat down on to settle the payment amongst ourselves. I was emptying out the loose change in my wallet – coins and $2 notes – and I remember being very frustrated because I had to count out $8 several times but kept losing track. The guy was getting annoyed and tried to take over.

X: 09.08.17

I was with my family in a rather old and tall HDB, trying to get to this particular unit on Level 35. However, the maximum level for the first lift we took was only Level 30 or something. We were baffled. A guy in the lift together with us told us that we have to take another lift. We thanked him warmly, and walked out of the lift. 

Upon exiting the lift, I scanned my eyes for the nearest lift which was diagonally left from where I was and walked there briskly, expecting them to follow me. But they didn’t. My idea was to reach Level 35 then we’ll find the unit. Their idea was to find the nearest lift to the unit and just go straight up to it. So I stubbornly took the lift up myself. 

Surprisingly there were only 6 numbers in the lift, from “1” to “6”. Basically I tried pressing every number and couldn’t get to the level no matter what(?!!!?)  and I started feeling bad and wanting to cry because things didn’t turn out well when I chose to be a smart aleck and went solo. 

S: 04.07.17

pt 1: I was in a cool giant treehouse like hangout to find my JC friends with another friend. She was vlogging. There were many rooms and we had no clue where our friends were. We spent what felt like an hour looking into every room. There were groups of people hanging out or even some having mass tuition. On two occasions, my friend walked into the room confidently while vlogging and ran out when she realised they were not the friends we were looking for. I found it hilarious and even more so when I found out she wasn’t wearing her contact lenses. Eventually with some help from strangers, we located them in a small room in the corner with a weird tarp covering the entrance instead of a door. Once we went in, the room appeared to be a small cozy ramen place. M was at the table and I was surprised to see him. He said I looked familiar and I told him we had a class together last semester.
pt 2: I was taking a nap on one of two beds in a room when I was woken up. It was very urgent that we had to gather somewhere. They were trying to rush people (uni friends i recognise irl) out of the room. I opened up my contact lens case and struggled to insert them. I remember dropping the whole case and was slightly hesitant to wear the other side because it was dirty. Many people were walking past our room already on the way to the venue. I asked my friend why we weren’t changing since I was in a sleep shirt and shorts but she told me there wasn’t time. It turned out to be some chinese new year festival on the streets. J and T were part of the parade performances, representing different martial art styles.  

X: 27.07.17

I had a rather horrifying dream. I was practising driving in a car (I haven’t gotten my license yet) at this open-air upslope area that you often see in carparks, except that it doesn’t lead to a carpark; it leads to a highway of some sort. It was night time and was raining pretty heavily, so my field of vision wasn’t super clear. When I came out of the highway, I had problems trying swerve my car to where I want it to move. I don’t know whether it’s the slippery roads or what. That was when I accidentally hit this human who appeared out of nowhere?!  He/ she died instantaneously, I believe.

Apparently I knew this person but I decided to speed off. I then joined this person’s family in the hospital. His / her parents were furious and vowed to find the person who killed their child. I appeared calm but inside I struggled to admit to them that I was the killer, and was worried what they would do to me if they found out it was me. 

S: 23.07.17

(on flight to taiwan) My friends and I were at a mcdonald’s in taiwan trying to order some food. Had some difficulty because the menus were strangely sparse. It was a few rows of wooden planks with a unknown language on it. We were directed to an alternative english menu on the counter. There were strange menu items like pastries. While everyone was busy deciding what they wanted I decided to order a simple fillet o fish but was told it’s not on the menu. So I ordered something else weird but I was told to wait because they were collecting orders in bulk??? Then, I was in a glass shower cubicle sitting down and having a shower. The ground wasn’t flat but had 2 steps leading down into the ground. I was annoyed because water was flowing out of shower cubicle. I reunited with my friends after my shower and H was using instagram story to vlog and I was surprised because he usually doesn’t use instagram at all.

S: 14.07.17

(nap during camp) Woke up from my nap during camp because I was supposed to help out with dirty games in the afternoon (this was my agenda irl). Had to put in my contacts and was struggling to insert one side after wearing one side already. Repeatedly tried to insert it into my eye but to no avail. Had to move location to a dance studio like place and sat in front of the mirror to try again. After a while my eye was starting to become a little red and bloody. Was becoming extremely frustrated and scared about my eye condition. By that time, so much time had passed the dirty games segment was almost over. I felt really bad because I was supposed to be helping N at her game station.