X: 31.12.17

I had a meet up with a few girls, and wore tribal patterned clothes that I don’t actually possess in real life. After that, I texted ZJ, my Business Analytics friend, and arranged to meet up with him. But I soon forgot and arranged to meet up w my JC friend, Anna too at the same venue. I arrived late and the two of them were there already, making conversation. Ben, another Business Analytics friend, was there too. I secretly told him what I had done. He laughed with that ben ‘s-cheeky-smile and said “HAHA it’s okay lah”. Anyways, I forgot what happened in the end but I ended up shopping for damn long and even shoplifted?!


S: 28.08.17 

 I was taking the train to work and I fell asleep on my seat. When I woke up, I had overslept and missed my stop. I panicked because I was already late for work by 20 mins or so. It didn’t help that my surroundings didn’t look familiar. I was on a train that looked like the MRT but it was above ground on the road. I didn’t know how to go back in the opposite direction. I alighted the strange train, frantically texting my boss that I was running late. It was hard for me to text properly because my mind was a mess and I couldn’t focus on the task at hand. Suddenly an old man grabbed my arm to pull me across the road. He was trying to help me find my bearings after noting my confusion and told me to take one of the buses along the road.   

(ps after i started working @ S&S i keep having dreams about being late for work zzz) 

S: 04.07.17

pt 1: I was in a cool giant treehouse like hangout to find my JC friends with another friend. She was vlogging. There were many rooms and we had no clue where our friends were. We spent what felt like an hour looking into every room. There were groups of people hanging out or even some having mass tuition. On two occasions, my friend walked into the room confidently while vlogging and ran out when she realised they were not the friends we were looking for. I found it hilarious and even more so when I found out she wasn’t wearing her contact lenses. Eventually with some help from strangers, we located them in a small room in the corner with a weird tarp covering the entrance instead of a door. Once we went in, the room appeared to be a small cozy ramen place. M was at the table and I was surprised to see him. He said I looked familiar and I told him we had a class together last semester.
pt 2: I was taking a nap on one of two beds in a room when I was woken up. It was very urgent that we had to gather somewhere. They were trying to rush people (uni friends i recognise irl) out of the room. I opened up my contact lens case and struggled to insert them. I remember dropping the whole case and was slightly hesitant to wear the other side because it was dirty. Many people were walking past our room already on the way to the venue. I asked my friend why we weren’t changing since I was in a sleep shirt and shorts but she told me there wasn’t time. It turned out to be some chinese new year festival on the streets. J and T were part of the parade performances, representing different martial art styles.  

S: 29.06.17

 pt 1: I overslept for an event (one that I was going to have irl) and woke up at 8.45am when I was supposed to be there at 8.30am. I panicked. I contemplated whether I should even still go but decided to go anyway. By the time I prepared to leave the house and was on the way, it was getting late fast. Not sure why, but I had to go through a mall on the way. Went to the toilet in the mall where I saw 2 uniformed workers standing in this huge and deep trench sink, appearing to be fixing something. There was a face of a worker looking very pale peeking out of the water in the sink near the feet of the 2 other workers. I walked nearer and upon closer examination, I realised it was a dead body. I was horrified and felt nauseous so I ran out of the toilet. There were a lot of policemen and people gathered outside with paramedics as well. I checked my phone and by then it was already 12pm+. I called my coworker to express my very sincere apology. She was unexpectedly very nice and understanding about me missing the entire event. I told her all about the death I witnessed and she didn’t really seem to care about that. She told me that I better apologise to my bosses who were pissed off at me.

pt 2: I was walking along the void deck of HDB flats. There were many guys loitering around so it made me wary. Strangely enough, when I walked a certain direction, I couldn’t seem to. It was as if there were an invisible barrier in my path or my legs were not cooperating. The sensation was like I was a character in a video game who couldn’t complete an action. Some guy started making fun of my inability to turn right. I had to use all my strength to push and walk in a certain direction I was headed.

pt 3: I was sitting down on the ground of a mall with a few other people. I recognised a few seniors from SMU (I see them on insta irl) and we were being briefed by a man. We were told they wanted to give us a reward in recognition of our “talents” like what we write, take pictures of, etc. I made friends with those seniors and they were really nice. After a while, we were seated at a table and served some interesting Japanese food.

S: 30.01.17

I was actually early to reach the mrt but began to run late for class because I couldn’t find the school I was supposed to go to. It was like the different school buildings on SMU campus had rearranged themselves so I was blindly running around. I told my brother I would find him after class. Once lesson ended, N and I walked towards the main building where she had dance practice. Went into a gift shop to look around but while she was browsing, I went to call my bro to check in on him but a different voice answered the phone. My attention span was very poor so the message I heard was disrupted and incomplete since I was distracted while the guy was talking to me. Apparently, my bro tried to apply for a job by faking his experience and once they found out, they stole his phone to teach him a lesson???