X: 18.01.18

My dream was inspired by this article (‘Floor tiles ‘explode’ at HDB flats across multiple locations in Singapore’). Recently, as though an earthquake has happened, floor tiles have been, for lack of a better word, cracking across flats in Singapore. I was horrified after reading this article and it actually happened in my house in my dream.

The only thing that was slightly different, however, is that the ceiling cracked more than the floors. Every room had big cracks on specific parts of the ceilings. Afraid that furniture etc would start collapsing, we shifted our items a distance away so that in case the ceiling comes falling down, it won’t destroy our things. Weirdly enough, we didn’t fear that the whole ceiling would collapse (which is likely what would happen in reality) and only was anticipating for part of the ceiling to drop. We were all panicking and discussing that we should leave the house ASAP.  Nonetheless, I am glad that this is nothing more than a dream. It would be devastating to lose our home just like this.


X: 11.12.17

I attended this camp and the venue resembled my house. We sat in a circle and were playing this game where someone has to do an action and the rest must follow. The last person to do the action loses (haha sounds familiar to the one of the KING’S CUP card action right). I played one round then went to brush my teeth and when I came back, they didn’t want to play anymore. I was aghast. And felt very outcast.

X: Sometime in September

My brother was holding a Canon EOS 760D (in reality, that is the camera I use in school) and an oddly long tripod stand around. He kept wanting to go out of the house at odd timings (like at night when everyone is about to sleep) to do stuff, proclaiming that it’s for Michelle or a girl that we have never heard of before. The next moment, he was bathing in our living room with another guy.  I felt very confused.

My sister argued that she wants to use the camera and it is not fair how my brother gets it all the time. My mum elucidated that the camera was bought by my daddy, in a bid to explain why my sister shouldn’t have ownership of the camera as and when she wants simply because it’s not hers. Then, my sister brought up a comparison between our cousins, where the sister gets to use the camera most of the time.

X: 01.09.17

The start of another new month… mmm. Anyway, I dreamt that I was taking Accounting and Keith Carter (the prof for one of my current mods) was the prof. Ben was sitting to my left and J Choo to my right. I asked them if they have done the homework and they said yes/ of course! I felt really stressed out because I haven’t done it. (This was probably inspired by my own situation in reality)

Then, I was at home with my mum. P.E. and her friend came to my house to talk about their entrepreneurship journey. Oddly enough, it felt like my real house but the interior didn’t look like my house. They said they had graduated from Yale University and began to start their own party planning business while studying. They answered our questions patiently and my mum seemed super impressive. I was a little doubtful though. After they left, I voiced out my doubts. How can they be from Yale? They were my seniors from Cedar! Just a year older than me! How can they have graduated so fast? Maybe they went there for a foundation program or summer school, and you are considered a graduate after completion. 

Just then, V texted me.

V: Where is my ex? Did you kidnap her???

Me: No? Idk where she is, I have been at home the whole time

V: Serious? I’m damn scared



S: 27.08.17

It was a typical weekend afternoon and I was watching TV with my mum. It was a popular series about a group superheroes, kind of like Avengers. As the credits were rolling, there were many famous american actors/actresses I recognised. I realised there were also popular SMU people who were acting inside too just that their names weren’t included in the credits. My mum wanted to go to the toilet so I followed her to the master bedroom. When she entered the toilet, she leaned against the sink, almost as if she was feeling faint. Opposite her, against the toilet wall (between the shower and the towel rack) there was a mini swing hanging from the ceiling and a ghostly apparition on it. It looked like a pair of feet. I was feeling afraid and the toilet itself gave me very bad vibes. I felt as if the room was haunted. I hurriedly tried to drag my mum out of the toilet. I saw a ghostly figure sitting on the toilet floor as I led her away. I brought my mum to the kitchen toilet instead and left her inside. As I was walking back to the living room, I saw the same ghostly figure sitting on the hallway floor against the wall. I was beginning to feel like the entire thing was a dream. Yet at the same time, despite the creepy haunted vibes of the house, the whole atmosphere was very calm and ordinary, which honestly made me doubt whether or not I was dreaming. I was still eager to try to wake up from everything, so I begun to jump up and down and thrash about to wake up.

X: 11.08.17

Pt 1: I heard of news of some ambush that was going to happen in my house. I hid in the living room, together with some other people. We were waiting to receive the invaders.

I wore my white shorts and somehow it had holes underneath and someone saw my blue underwear with many holes. He/ she pointed it out. I was slightly embarrassed.

Pt 2: In another side of the world, pretty girls clad in white sleeveless silk dresses that grazed just below the knees moved stealthily like thieves from room to room. The girls would visit single bachelors who lived by themselves, get on top of them and try to seduce them. Three of them went into this ordinary-looking middle aged guy’s room and did the aforementioned. You could tell from his face that he was enjoying, but he rejected them. Unaffected, the girls moved on and jumped out of the window to the adjacent building. Almost instantly did the guy regret his decision and ran towards his windows to catch a final glimpse of the girls. And perhaps, beg them to stay. The building opposite was just about 5 meters away. The sky was purple and the building looked purple as well, making a nice juxtaposition against the girls’ luminous skin. All he could see was their side profiles, them gazing far away into the distance, and their flowy dresses fluttering as the wind blew.

X: 26.07.17

This was a pretty long post, I think I dreamt two of these after I snoozed.

#1: We were in a hotel room or hall of some sort, and we gathered to celebrate a girl’s 21st birthday. I’m not sure whether it’s this girl from computing named Sylvia whom I’ve only seen on camera before, or if it’s Claudia C., my Cedar-to-TJ-to-Sheares friend. The two of us walked around the venue in our cute dresses, arm-in-arm, our free hands holding paper plates. The room had multiple tables filled and carefully decorated with food, like buffet style. We reached this table where everything was about yam, fried yam fritters, yam rings with different seasonings, huge flat pieces of circular yam. In reality, I’m not a fan of yam but I found all the food so yummy and we chose to share the latter. We passed by this table with a few plush toys and they had my sister’s English name Beverlyn sewed on the plush toys and I told the girl that no wonder I had found the place to be really familiar as my sister held her 21st birthday party there as well.

#2: I was alone, walking in a shopping mall. It was nearing Mother’s Day. There were two shop booths, opposite each other in a semi-busy stretch of the mall. It was actually a curved pathway. I was attracted to both shops, but more attracted to the one of the left, which sold small heart-shaped fluffy pillows, and I really wanted to get it for my mum. However, I walked past both shops and ended up walking to the nearer shop aka the shop on the right. (reflects me in reality, always diverting from the things I was supposed to do) The female shop-keeper seemed to be relieved that I came to her shop, and showed me a catalogue of items she is selling. One of the items is a variation of the soft green cake- in-a-bread that I loved a lot as a kid, but have not eaten for a few years. My mum used to buy the bread from Yishun when I was young. The woman excitedly told me that it’s a harder version of that cake called 贵糕.
#3: I was alone at home/ my sister was at home with me. It wasn’t actually our home in reality, and I have never been to such a home. It was a bright, spacious house with lots of sunlight streaming in through the front door. I walked out of the room and became very wary of a man and a lady wearing a pastel bluish-purple outfit, who walked past the house. After a while, another man came to claim $139.55 with a receipt from me. I think I expected him, which was why I didn’t seem wary at all.
#4: My grandparents, Stacey and I were at a hawker center, and I instructed them to sit down while I bought drinks for them. I was getting the drinks from this centralized drinks vending machine place. I called them to ask if my grandma wanted green tea milk tea. She said she didn’t want so I got that for Stacey instead and decided to give my grandma my fruit juice and bought soya milk for myself. When I reached the table, I passed Stacey 2 boxes of my favorite Taiwanese Pineapple Tarts. Each had 8 inside. She began pouring them out and packing them all in 1 box. I began to ask, “who said all is for you??” Then she said you told me you’ll give me 16, but there’s only 8 in one box. (lmao in reality, she’s the one in TW and I wanted to ask her to help me buy pineapple tarts)