X: 04.12.17

Dreamt that V and I had sex in the library, against a bookshelf. We thought no one could see us, since we were hiding behind a shelf and I was containing my moans. A guy walking past told us “dude you know they are all watching”. We didn’t notice there was a who had a pretty good partial view of us banging. Oops. LOL


X: 11.08.17

Pt 1: I heard of news of some ambush that was going to happen in my house. I hid in the living room, together with some other people. We were waiting to receive the invaders.

I wore my white shorts and somehow it had holes underneath and someone saw my blue underwear with many holes. He/ she pointed it out. I was slightly embarrassed.

Pt 2: In another side of the world, pretty girls clad in white sleeveless silk dresses that grazed just below the knees moved stealthily like thieves from room to room. The girls would visit single bachelors who lived by themselves, get on top of them and try to seduce them. Three of them went into this ordinary-looking middle aged guy’s room and did the aforementioned. You could tell from his face that he was enjoying, but he rejected them. Unaffected, the girls moved on and jumped out of the window to the adjacent building. Almost instantly did the guy regret his decision and ran towards his windows to catch a final glimpse of the girls. And perhaps, beg them to stay. The building opposite was just about 5 meters away. The sky was purple and the building looked purple as well, making a nice juxtaposition against the girls’ luminous skin. All he could see was their side profiles, them gazing far away into the distance, and their flowy dresses fluttering as the wind blew.

X: 19.07.17

#1: I dreamt that A. Chow, this TJC senior of mine, was practicing some cheerleading drills in the characteristic royal blue KR Steppers uniform. He was the base, and he supported on his shoulders a girl who had both her hands up in the air in a V-shape stance.  (KR Steppers is the Cheerleading CCA in Kent Ridge Hall. In reality, he enrolled into Sheares Hall for the upcoming Annual Year 2017/2018. )

#2: I was at this house party in the day, and people could go into rockets located in the backyard, and fly up to … somewhere. I watched the rocket launch into the sky a few times, propelling dauntlessly in an upward trajectory with no sense of hesitation. I still remember the bright yellow fan-shaped trail of fire at the end of the rocket, as well as the loud boom the rocket made every time it took off.

The desire to experience flight in a rocket started to grow in me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t close to the person who hosted this rocket party, and this host and his/her crew were in this room chilling. I didn’t dare to enter or join them.

X: 18.07.17

#1: I dreamt that the entire level of a shorter block just opposite mine caught fire. I could see thick black smoke engulfing the rooms and the occasional tongues of fire lapping out of the windows. It was quite a serious fire, from the looks of it. 

I was standing in the kitchen-cum-laundry area overlooking this whole disaster. Suddenly, huge ominous-looking black clouds were floating slowly but fiercely, inching closer and closer to my windows. My immediate reaction was to shut the 3 windows before me. When I was shutting the middle window, my hand accidentally came into contact with the cloud and there was some sort of weird fizzle- some golden sparks… I knew something was wrong about these evil-looking black clouds. It didn’t help that a gale prevailed outside, blowing the windows that I have shut slightly ajar again. 

Being the in-charge of the house, I hurriedly called for a few people to help me keep the laundry, which was a huge mess. Poles were not arranged parallel to each other, and in fact, crossed each other like that of a Tic Tac Toe structure. Thaddeus was there and he appeared very annoyed at the disorganisation before him. 

#2: I was in this Disney shop choosing some soft toy keychains to buy. (This dream was probably inspired by senior Fel, whose insta story I saw, where she had displayed 4 tsum tsums on her desk). It was a tall maroon open cupboard with four shelves. In my dream,  I already owned one, and I wanted to choose another 2/3 more. I can’t remember the characters but there was Spongebob and some character with an unusual blue face. A guy beside me wanted something that I held in my hand, probably the last piece. Indecisive me took very long to decide and I kept telling myself to make up my mind soon.

#3: CCW’s boyfriend and his friend went to Korea. It was both their girlfriends’ birthdays. As they landed in the airport, CCW’s bf announced jubilantly that he sent the birthday wishes first. Both his hands were raised in the sky. (In reality Idk him but I saw him in Bugis once at a coffee shop and we waved at each other.)

Next CCW and him were at a Karaoke place, and he was proudly telling someone that CCW is great at singing a certain kind of song/songs. CCW began to burst into signing, and it felt like an music video to me because there were different cuts of her singing in different beautiful indie-esque vibes backgrounds. (In reality I just watched an MV ytd and I paid extra attention to how the MV was filmed so maybe this inspired this part of the dream.)

#4: I was in a quiet club or somewhere like a room that is not a private place but there is nobody except for me, D and someone sitting beside D. As usual, I started speaking to D really excitedly. I might have been sitting on his lap. We began to kiss… and suddenly he pulled back and said firmly, “You have to leave now.”

X: 07.07.17

My dream was in this Hogwarts setting where people were dressed in the Hogwarts uniform attire. You can imagine the dark grey, knee-grazing pleated skirt, the grey cardigan with white blouse below, with a smart red and yellow diagonally-striped tie fastened beneath the cardigan. Not to forget, the knee-high grey socks and mary-janes.

I myself wasn’t in the dream. This one girl, portrayed by one of the kids I taught in Chiang Mai, was the protagonist. She used to be an ugly duckling but now she has turned into a rather beautiful girl and people are treating her better than before, trusting her. In reality, never mind that she’s smart; I noticed how her classmates don’t really like her because of how she keeps trying to answer questions in class, not giving other people a chance to answer.

So she was in this Professor’s room with a few girls, and everyone else left temporarily while she stayed in the room. Out of curiosity, she decided to flip through the Professor’s files, in search for an answer or something. Just then, she could hear the shuffling footsteps of people approaching. They obviously returned earlier than she expected. In a frenzy, she took out her wand in an attempt to cast a spell to restore the previous neat condition. However, perhaps she said the wrong spell or something, and it ended up causing her to be wounded above the lips area. It was quite a big, open and ugly wound. What a tragedy. The flashback of her becoming an ugly duckling ran through her mind and regret is written all over her face.

S: 13.06.17

I was at the school library doing a project with a few people. Suddenly X showed up and surprised me. Was very happy to see her so I linked our arms and began to walk away while talking. Suddenly I realised that I was dreaming and before I could control anything, the face of the friend I was walking with changed to another person. I panicked. However, I decided to take control of my dream. Attempted to fly and managed to hover a several inches above the ground. Before anything could happen, I woke up.

S: 22.05.17

I was in Japan, as a Japanese girl who fought evil with some superpowers. During one of the fights, my hair was affected by a spell cast on me. Was somehow extremely distraught by this. Ran to the toilet and discovered I had short hair that was blue and purple in colour. I was very upset about this. Apparently because I was very tomboyish in nature but my long hair helped me feel good about myself. My best friend/partner in crime (another Jap girl) coaxed me out of the toilet and I found out she had cut off her long hair too to make me feel better. Was really touched by the gesture. We went to an amusement park in Japan after. Ran into C and was surprised to see her there because I know she’s on a recce ocsp trip in Nepal. I asked her what she was doing there. She told me that Nepal and Japan is actually really close and I felt a little dumb for being so ignorant. She told me it was like an hour away – she did not specify if by car or by plane.