X: 09.02.18

I dreamt that my family would be going ice-skating with our relatives. I needed to borrow long pants that could protect me from the cold, since we are going to be ice-skating. I took quite some time to decide which pants to borrow from my mother, before finally deciding on the maroon one.

Somehow, we ended up in one of the relative’s houses (which I cannot recognise) but it was in Pasir Ris. We sat at a medium-sized round marble table together. My cousin JH asked me about his relationship problems. His girlfriend D has been very detached lately. She doesn’t want to join him in any event that he asked her to partake in together. I tried to help but diagnosing the root of the problem. I was quite happy that he decided to confide in us.

I had to leave early as my good friend YJ was giving math tuition to a group of 4 people including me. The sky was dark and the bus stop was right below the house. I ran downstairs and was supposed to catch bus 99. Luckily, it has not arrived. I watched buses with weird numbers like 999 driving off. I attribute this to typing 99 for my test cases for ps1c, one of my programming homework which I rushed to complete right before I slept.

X: A series of short dreams

I went to some weird castle for OCSP (Overseas Community Service Project)
It was Ken’s birthday and we walked out of a huge dinner and dance function at a hotel ballroom with a bunch of people. He was pulling a luggage along, and I walked side by side with him. He said: “You forgot my birthday. It’s 31st January.”
I dreamt that Mr Mahmood, one of my CSE teachers in JC, became transgender. He had long hair and wore a dark blue dress, and didn’t seem to recognise me throughout our conversation. In reality, he always gave off those gay vibes although he has a wife.
My family and I flew to Hong Kong for a holiday. For some reason, we have an apartment there, which was located on a high level (at least 20 levels). We could see this building under construction right opposite us, with red bricks nicely and neatly stacked, and construction workers walking about in the house. I was quite scared because I heard the police might come at night to check if I had completed my homework ps1c (it was due on 09.02.18 in reality).

X: 18.01.18

My dream was inspired by this article (‘Floor tiles ‘explode’ at HDB flats across multiple locations in Singapore’). Recently, as though an earthquake has happened, floor tiles have been, for lack of a better word, cracking across flats in Singapore. I was horrified after reading this article and it actually happened in my house in my dream.

The only thing that was slightly different, however, is that the ceiling cracked more than the floors. Every room had big cracks on specific parts of the ceilings. Afraid that furniture etc would start collapsing, we shifted our items a distance away so that in case the ceiling comes falling down, it won’t destroy our things. Weirdly enough, we didn’t fear that the whole ceiling would collapse (which is likely what would happen in reality) and only was anticipating for part of the ceiling to drop. We were all panicking and discussing that we should leave the house ASAP.  Nonetheless, I am glad that this is nothing more than a dream. It would be devastating to lose our home just like this.

X: Sometime in September

My brother was holding a Canon EOS 760D (in reality, that is the camera I use in school) and an oddly long tripod stand around. He kept wanting to go out of the house at odd timings (like at night when everyone is about to sleep) to do stuff, proclaiming that it’s for Michelle or a girl that we have never heard of before. The next moment, he was bathing in our living room with another guy.  I felt very confused.

My sister argued that she wants to use the camera and it is not fair how my brother gets it all the time. My mum elucidated that the camera was bought by my daddy, in a bid to explain why my sister shouldn’t have ownership of the camera as and when she wants simply because it’s not hers. Then, my sister brought up a comparison between our cousins, where the sister gets to use the camera most of the time.

S: 27.08.17

It was a typical weekend afternoon and I was watching TV with my mum. It was a popular series about a group superheroes, kind of like Avengers. As the credits were rolling, there were many famous american actors/actresses I recognised. I realised there were also popular SMU people who were acting inside too just that their names weren’t included in the credits. My mum wanted to go to the toilet so I followed her to the master bedroom. When she entered the toilet, she leaned against the sink, almost as if she was feeling faint. Opposite her, against the toilet wall (between the shower and the towel rack) there was a mini swing hanging from the ceiling and a ghostly apparition on it. It looked like a pair of feet. I was feeling afraid and the toilet itself gave me very bad vibes. I felt as if the room was haunted. I hurriedly tried to drag my mum out of the toilet. I saw a ghostly figure sitting on the toilet floor as I led her away. I brought my mum to the kitchen toilet instead and left her inside. As I was walking back to the living room, I saw the same ghostly figure sitting on the hallway floor against the wall. I was beginning to feel like the entire thing was a dream. Yet at the same time, despite the creepy haunted vibes of the house, the whole atmosphere was very calm and ordinary, which honestly made me doubt whether or not I was dreaming. I was still eager to try to wake up from everything, so I begun to jump up and down and thrash about to wake up.

X: 09.08.17

I was with my family in a rather old and tall HDB, trying to get to this particular unit on Level 35. However, the maximum level for the first lift we took was only Level 30 or something. We were baffled. A guy in the lift together with us told us that we have to take another lift. We thanked him warmly, and walked out of the lift. 

Upon exiting the lift, I scanned my eyes for the nearest lift which was diagonally left from where I was and walked there briskly, expecting them to follow me. But they didn’t. My idea was to reach Level 35 then we’ll find the unit. Their idea was to find the nearest lift to the unit and just go straight up to it. So I stubbornly took the lift up myself. 

Surprisingly there were only 6 numbers in the lift, from “1” to “6”. Basically I tried pressing every number and couldn’t get to the level no matter what(?!!!?)  and I started feeling bad and wanting to cry because things didn’t turn out well when I chose to be a smart aleck and went solo. 

X: 17.07.17

(Reality) V and I were having a rather lengthy afternoon nap (about 2h) in his room, and somehow I was pretty physically exhausted. 

(Dream) I had finally woken up, quickly changed and headed out of his room. His house was filled with people as if having some sort of a gathering. 

Just then, I saw someone who looked exactly like my HK niece YY, and decided to talk to her. I think at this point, V stood behind me. I was incredibly shocked to find out that her name is exactly the same as my niece and that she is V’s cousin too. She just had a higher pitch for her voice compared to the YY I knew. Unable to accept the fact that V and I may be relatives after all, I said goodbye to the kid and walked down the steps. 

The orientation of his house has changed (it became bigger) and there was this medium-sized rectangular garden/ pond area extended at the front of his porch. 4 tall, white pillars were erected at each corner, and people stood around to admire the nice outdoor garden (that’s below the ground level), or just to talk with others, with red plastic cups in their hands. I saw my relative Uncle S and I was very shocked to see him there because since when did he know V’s family?! What is he doing here? 

I can’t remember his response but at this moment I realised the outfit I was wearing (his NUS Varsity shirt and blue Uniqlo jeggings) was not the outfit that I had worn to V’s house (white blouse and denim skirt). So I ran back up to change. 

I woke up to realise that I had been dreaming.