X: 09.08.17

I was with my family in a rather old and tall HDB, trying to get to this particular unit on Level 35. However, the maximum level for the first lift we took was only Level 30 or something. We were baffled. A guy in the lift together with us told us that we have to take another lift. We thanked him warmly, and walked out of the lift. 

Upon exiting the lift, I scanned my eyes for the nearest lift which was diagonally left from where I was and walked there briskly, expecting them to follow me. But they didn’t. My idea was to reach Level 35 then we’ll find the unit. Their idea was to find the nearest lift to the unit and just go straight up to it. So I stubbornly took the lift up myself. 

Surprisingly there were only 6 numbers in the lift, from “1” to “6”. Basically I tried pressing every number and couldn’t get to the level no matter what(?!!!?)  and I started feeling bad and wanting to cry because things didn’t turn out well when I chose to be a smart aleck and went solo. 

X: 17.07.17

(Reality) V and I were having a rather lengthy afternoon nap (about 2h) in his room, and somehow I was pretty physically exhausted. 

(Dream) I had finally woken up, quickly changed and headed out of his room. His house was filled with people as if having some sort of a gathering. 

Just then, I saw someone who looked exactly like my HK niece YY, and decided to talk to her. I think at this point, V stood behind me. I was incredibly shocked to find out that her name is exactly the same as my niece and that she is V’s cousin too. She just had a higher pitch for her voice compared to the YY I knew. Unable to accept the fact that V and I may be relatives after all, I said goodbye to the kid and walked down the steps. 

The orientation of his house has changed (it became bigger) and there was this medium-sized rectangular garden/ pond area extended at the front of his porch. 4 tall, white pillars were erected at each corner, and people stood around to admire the nice outdoor garden (that’s below the ground level), or just to talk with others, with red plastic cups in their hands. I saw my relative Uncle S and I was very shocked to see him there because since when did he know V’s family?! What is he doing here? 

I can’t remember his response but at this moment I realised the outfit I was wearing (his NUS Varsity shirt and blue Uniqlo jeggings) was not the outfit that I had worn to V’s house (white blouse and denim skirt). So I ran back up to change. 

I woke up to realise that I had been dreaming. 

S: 12.07.17

I was attempting to tell my mum something that happened to me. However, she was busy on her phone, using Instagram. I was very annoyed and told her to stop using it for a while to listen to my story. Despite my persistent requests, she continued viewing Instagram stories. I was getting increasingly frustrated and even borderline angry. I got so angry to the point I just shouted at her and stormed off.

X: 16.04.17

Context: I am acquainted with this guy called J.S. who followed me on Instagram about a month ago but I didn’t follow back. He sat beside me on the first day of Orientation in JC.

Dream: I think my family was at J’s house for a party or gathering of some sort. My brother got along with J and hung out with him the whole time. In the meantime, my sister, mum and I were in the living room. He came out excitedly with something in his hand, and exclaimed that Jeremiah is so cool and gave him this really cool white singlet.