S: 10.08.17 

I found myself in an airport but I didn’t know what county I was in. I felt very lost because I knew I was overseas yet I had no idea where I was at the same time. I saw a group of people from church that I don’t really talk to anymore. They were obviously traveling together in a group. They were happily riding on children’s toy cars – the kind that you can sit on and wheel yourself around in. I spotted an abandoned one nearby and sat on it to join in the fun. I also managed to find out from someone that I was in Korea. I was pushing myself around in the car happily, consciously trying to avoid the other people I recognized. Suddenly, the cars all stopped because apparently the fixed time was up and we had to return them to this room. Apparently, the fare was $8. Someone from church helped me pay first to make things more convenient for the employee. There was a bed in the middle of the room which a few of us sat down on to settle the payment amongst ourselves. I was emptying out the loose change in my wallet – coins and $2 notes – and I remember being very frustrated because I had to count out $8 several times but kept losing track. The guy was getting annoyed and tried to take over.


S: 22.05.17

I was in Japan, as a Japanese girl who fought evil with some superpowers. During one of the fights, my hair was affected by a spell cast on me. Was somehow extremely distraught by this. Ran to the toilet and discovered I had short hair that was blue and purple in colour. I was very upset about this. Apparently because I was very tomboyish in nature but my long hair helped me feel good about myself. My best friend/partner in crime (another Jap girl) coaxed me out of the toilet and I found out she had cut off her long hair too to make me feel better. Was really touched by the gesture. We went to an amusement park in Japan after. Ran into C and was surprised to see her there because I know she’s on a recce ocsp trip in Nepal. I asked her what she was doing there. She told me that Nepal and Japan is actually really close and I felt a little dumb for being so ignorant. She told me it was like an hour away – she did not specify if by car or by plane.

X: 01.05.17

V and I embarked on a drug busting mission. It looked like a normal factory that is functioning with a moderate number of workers, and we were tasked to inspect it. It was a rather small factory/ house with a wooden theme. We eventually realised that for every worker to get from Level 1 to Level 2, they have to climb this short flight of vertical steps of a ladder. Then they have to pull this handle which would release a packet of drugs — the key in this whole drug trafficking process.

In the same dream, he got 0 for the hash function question, and I doubt he got so low in reality…