X: 11.08.17

Pt 1: I heard of news of some ambush that was going to happen in my house. I hid in the living room, together with some other people. We were waiting to receive the invaders.

I wore my white shorts and somehow it had holes underneath and someone saw my blue underwear with many holes. He/ she pointed it out. I was slightly embarrassed.

Pt 2: In another side of the world, pretty girls clad in white sleeveless silk dresses that grazed just below the knees moved stealthily like thieves from room to room. The girls would visit single bachelors who lived by themselves, get on top of them and try to seduce them. Three of them went into this ordinary-looking middle aged guy’s room and did the aforementioned. You could tell from his face that he was enjoying, but he rejected them. Unaffected, the girls moved on and jumped out of the window to the adjacent building. Almost instantly did the guy regret his decision and ran towards his windows to catch a final glimpse of the girls. And perhaps, beg them to stay. The building opposite was just about 5 meters away. The sky was purple and the building looked purple as well, making a nice juxtaposition against the girls’ luminous skin. All he could see was their side profiles, them gazing far away into the distance, and their flowy dresses fluttering as the wind blew.


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