S: 10.08.17 

I found myself in an airport but I didn’t know what county I was in. I felt very lost because I knew I was overseas yet I had no idea where I was at the same time. I saw a group of people from church that I don’t really talk to anymore. They were obviously traveling together in a group. They were happily riding on children’s toy cars – the kind that you can sit on and wheel yourself around in. I spotted an abandoned one nearby and sat on it to join in the fun. I also managed to find out from someone that I was in Korea. I was pushing myself around in the car happily, consciously trying to avoid the other people I recognized. Suddenly, the cars all stopped because apparently the fixed time was up and we had to return them to this room. Apparently, the fare was $8. Someone from church helped me pay first to make things more convenient for the employee. There was a bed in the middle of the room which a few of us sat down on to settle the payment amongst ourselves. I was emptying out the loose change in my wallet – coins and $2 notes – and I remember being very frustrated because I had to count out $8 several times but kept losing track. The guy was getting annoyed and tried to take over.


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